With only the day before the start of the Bridge Cape Pioneer Trek I’m about to see how all the hard work I’ve been doing is about to pay off. This being my very 1st 7 day stage race I’m excited and very nervous at the same time.  Just thinking of doing this race it puts I huge smile on my face.

I really cannot begin to say thank you enough to everyone that has bought me to this point. My wife Ronel Vos wow thank you for all you sacrificed for me and giving me the time to go training, looking after the kids while I sweat on the bike, listening to all my ramblings about me cycling. To my Mom Lisbe Vos and my mother in law Erica Strydom thank you for also assisting and babysitting giving me time to prepare. To my kids Nelmari & Marnel Vos as little as you are you won’t believe the energy you give me every time I got home from a long tuff ride or race all dirty, sweaty and sometimes spent the hugs and kisses and the 100 questions on “het jy gewen pappa?”means the world one day you’ll understand Thank you.

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Then to all the companies and friends that has given me their support you guys are the best there is and I only which all the best for you. Bridge SA thank you for the opportunity you guys gave me to complete in my very 1st 7 day stage race without you none of this would be possible. Karoo sun Guesthouse thank you Reynhardt and Hermien Brittnell for your support allowing me to stay in your first class establishment. Mr Sybrand Nel thank you for your assistance and support it’s really appreciated. USN South Africa thank you Mr Albe Geldenhuys and your team for the products you gave me they will really help fuelling me on my quest. Supreme Mouldings Monetary support is always difficult to give and I thank you for the support you gave me. Bridgestone South Africa although due to constraints you could not assist with this race I Thank you for your support for the Route 66 Mountain Bike race for 2014 I’m looking forward to it and I’ll see you there.  Tread magazine thank you Sean and Dino for giving me this platform to rant and rave. To everyone else that couldn’t contribute but gave me there support I thank you for the time and consideration you gave me its highly appreciated and I do believe we’ll work together in the near future.

With that I’m off to Oudtshoorn “ die groot voel paradys” to go get my race number and start with my very 1st 7 day stage race looking forward to a great tuff 7 days of riding my Mountain Bike through some of the most beautiful, scenic routes our country has to offer you’ve got to love South Africa I don’t think anywhere else in the world can offer what our South Africa can offer. See you guys there.

I’d gladly accept and appreciate any support you guys are willing to give me. Feel free to contact me on my Facebook page or on my Twitter handle @MartinVosvos, any support moral or otherwise is always appreciated


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