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With 30 days day’s to go to the Bridge Cape Pioneer Trek training this week started off on Sunday with an early morning ride followed by training at night.

Like some guys I don’t belong to a gym and training if not riding my bike consists of improvised training like running, Jump rope and normal floor exercises.

To involve the family in my training routine is at times difficult but I feel essential therefore I’ve created a couple of exercises to involve them as well.

For example Push-ups with my oldest daughter, on my shoulders or sit-ups with her jumping on my stomach while doing it. They enjoy this immensely laughing

While dad suffers – Great fun



With work and family it’s easy to find an excuse not to train but if you really look hard enough there is always a way. This week I found difficult to train as I went on a course for my company away from home. The training started at 07h00 in the morning and finished at 23h00 in the evening. All this meant that I had to sacrifice some sleep to go for an early morning jog before class started.

With the Bridge Cape Pioneer Trek getting closer and closer, I can feel the nerves building which at the same time makes me extremely excited. With the

Support I get from my family, Bridge, Karoo Sun Guest House, Westrand Cycles and Tread Magazine I feel confident and it makes me want to work harder to reach my goals.

Recently I’ve sent loads of requests for sponsorship to various companies to assist me with reaching my goals. The common response from most companies were, budgets are already allocated, sponsorship stopped due to financial constraints, Companies don’t sponsor individuals and of course the most irritating response – None. This has given me more respect for sponsors willing to take a chance on a guy like me.

One of the companies I’ve sent a letter to was Bridgestone SA and I’m very pleased to announce that Bridgestone SA has offered me an Entry to the 2014 Route 66 Mountain Bike Experience.

I competed in the 2013 Route 66 Mountain Bike Experience, a 3 day stage race sponsored by Bridgestone and bought to us by The Leverage corporation. I was dubbed by the guys from Bridgestone “ The flying Vos”

Route 66 2013


I’d like to thank Bridgestone SA  and The Leverage Corporation for the support and the opportunity. Looking forward to it.

Over the long weekend, my family and myself have decided to go away to the coast for a break and of course my bike is going with, I’m looking forward to riding my bike on the trails and roads of KZN this weekend and spending some quality time with the family. Look forward to some photos from me riding around in KZN on my next update. If you’re in the area, maybe I’ll see you there.

Folk are welcome to follow me on Twitter @MartinvosVos or look for me on Facebook under my name. If there are any guys that can or want to support or sponsor me don’t hesitate to contact me, any help or assistance is highly appreciated.


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