Hi mountain bikers,

As I said in the previous update we went away for the past long weekend and enjoyed the sea. I really enjoyed training around Winkelspruit area, riding on the beach in the soft sand gave a really good workout.

Thank you to my wonderful wife for playing photographer and taking photo’s for me.

Winkelspruit Pic 2


With only 18 days to go until the Bridge Cape pioneer trek I must be honest, nerves are definitely a factor and training is more than ever on my mind.

To ensure that I’m prepared to complete the race. Preparation consists of training in the morning at 4 and again at night, and riding my mountain bike every time I get.

This week I went away on business to Northern Cape and I took my bike with me. Unfortunately first day of planned training ride I managed to buckle my rear wheel really bad only 5km into the ride. I really thought I was sunk, thanks to the guys at Dup Cycles in Kuruman managed to get me a good used pair of wheels for a very good price.

As most mountain bike riders will know, maintaining your bike and racing it takes a lot of time and money and like your car, if you maintain it well it will bring you hours of joy.

Finding people to sponsor and support your sport, dreams and goals is not easy but thanks for the assistance to the guys at Bridge, Karoo Sun Guest house and Tread magazine for making it a lot easier.

I requested support from the company I work for, however like most corporates the policies does not allow this to be done.  However one of the senior managers after receiving my request, gave me a donation out of his own pocket to aid me in reaching my goals. I want to thank Mr. Sybrand Nel for his support!

Putting my bike next to large machinery like the photo below really makes it seem small, anyone want to venture a guess where in the Northern Cape I was riding?

NC Pic 1


This coming weekend I’ll be racing in the 4th race of the Nissan Trailseeker series at Hakahana, as part of the preparations for Bridge Cape Pioneer Trek. See you guys there.

Folk are welcome to follow me on Twitter @MartinvosVos or look for me on Facebook under my name. If there are any guys that can or want to support or sponsor me don’t hesitate to contact me, any help or assistance is highly appreciated.

Thank you


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