Absa Cape Epic’s Team Absa rider, Hlubi Mboya, has always said ‘family is everything’ and today that meant much more than just the words on this page.

Mboya, totally exhausted and mentally drained from the past 5 days racing and having nothing in the tank ahead of the toughest Stage day in the Absa Cape Epic today was given a surge of determination that only a loved one can evoke. Mboya’s fiancé, Kirsten Arnold, surprised Mboya on the start line. The picture says a thousand words.

Hlubi Mboya with her fiancé, Kirsten Arnold. Photo supplied
Hlubi Mboya with her fiancé, Kirsten Arnold. Photo supplied


Hlubi is an adventure seeker who revels in the thrills of the outdoors. After conquering and summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro on 8th March 2013  on International Women’s Day, Hlubi went in search of a new challenge keeping with the theme of ‘mountains’, and decided to give mountain biking a try. She has only been riding a mountain bike for 8 months and is now riding the world’s toughest mountain bike stage race with Team Absa. This is incomprehensible to the average mountain biker who takes years plucking up the courage to ride in stage races, let alone the Absa Cape Epic.

Hlubi Mboya remarked, “This is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Never give up, be your own hero, never quit, never fear failure. To successfully complete this Absa Cape Epic, I think one needs a warrior spirit, a successful training programme, a never-quit attitude and a champion partner”– all of which Hlubi has no shortage of. She is partnered with rally car driver, Gugu Zulu, who is astounded by Mboya’s fighting spirit and immense grit.

Hlubi says she employs positive thinking, hard work, perseverance, a ‘no-pain-no-gain’ philosophy and a ‘train insane or remain the same’ school of thought to get through each day, and now with Kirsten waiting on the finish line, love will bring her home.


Source: Purple Pine PR

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