We’re celebrating Women’s Month by launching the inaugural TREAD Femme Women in Mountain Biking Awards. The campaign is aimed at finding and recognising women that are leaders and achievers and who are making a positive impact on mountain biking in South Africa. We want to recognise and celebrate women that are leading by example and improving South African mountain biking in their own way.

Click here to go to where you can nominate who you feel should be recognised in one of four main categories. Please ensure you follow the instructions carefully. The process should take less 5 minutes. Please write your nomination motivation in full sentences with as much information as possible to allow us to understand why your nominee is exceptional.

Please also leave your email address where required so that we can contact you if necessary.

Women can be nominated in any of the following categories. If you feel that your nominee fits into more than one category, then select those which are relevant. You can nominate up to two women for awards – there’s space for a second nomination.


Group Champion

A woman that is selfless and spends time and effort consistently to help grow a cycling community or group. A nurturer and visionary that understands the long-term benefits of her efforts, which add great value to mountain biking. Can be from a range of positions, including administrator, coach, entrepreneur etc.

Industry Leader

A woman that works in the mountain bike industry – or a related industry – including retail, wholesale, media, product, event etc) that is consistently focussed on growing the women’s segment, either through focussed initiatives or ensuring women are adequately catered for through her consistent efforts.


A woman that stands out in her role as a supporter, coach or motivator in mountain biking. She may be a coach, group leader, event organiser social media influencer or more, but her consistent efforts help to motivate and inspire and her energy adds great value to mountain biking.


A woman that stands out as an athlete in mountain biking. She would be a successful racer whose consistent commitment sees her produce inspiring results in her category, which could be international, national, regional or even her own age group. She is an inspiration and a great ambassador for the brands she represents.

Warrior of the Future

A female under the age of 23 that stands out in any of the four categories here.

The nomination period closes on 30 September 2021. All those that make a nomination will go into a draw to win a R1000 Woolworths voucher. Our TREAD Femme team will consider all nominations and reveal our top five finalists in each category before announcing the winner in each category on 15 November 2021.

We will publish a full profile on each winner, highlighting her achievements and giving relevant exposure to her cause/group/event/campaign/sponsors – depending on which category she wins. This will be published on the TREAD website and shared via our weekly mailer and social media channels for a period of three weeks.