Cycling South Africa’s improved event structure for Gravity disciplines will see a new format over the mid-June long weekend. The national governing body hosts the Summerplace Gravity Festival, where Round 2 of the Enduro National Series and Round 4 of the Downhill National Series will take place, attracting many top racers.

On Saturday, 15 June, Enduro racers will tackle six stages at what is becoming a highly rated race location. Summerplace Game Reserve hosted a round of the National Enduro Series last year and post-race comments were overwhelmingly favourable. Hence the return this year. On Monday, 17 June, a public holiday, racers will compete on a brand-new downhill course.

Confirmed entries for the Enduro include the top three men from Round 1, Keira Duncan of KwaZulu-Natal and the Western Cape pair of Matt Lombardi and Jason Boulle as well as the top female racer from that same event, Frankie du Toit.

Lombardi and Du Toit are also entered in the Downhill race, which has also attracted entries from Western Cape’s Philip van Schalkwyk and Pieter Venter. Entries close at midnight on Wednesday 12 June, so more top performers are expected to join the entry lists for both events.

Keira Duncan | Photo: Dominic Barnardt


The Enduro will include the following trails:

Stage 1 – Tumbleweed: This is the steepest and most technical of the stages, with several rocky roll-downs in the first half, changing to fast, straight sections linked with flat turns and some smaller rocky crossings.

Distance: 850m | Drop: 94m | Average gradient: -11.4% | Current fastest time: 1:51.

Stage 2 – Load Shredder: This stage, which mostly runs beneath the power lines, offers a series of twisty, rocky turns linked by short pedally bits, punctuated by a few small jumps and rollers.

Distance: 1.23km | Drop: 114m | Average gradient: -9.2% | Current fastest time: 2:20.

Stage 3 – Skyfall: Skyfall features a few flat corners, but also includes some rocky rolldowns/drop-offs, jumps and rollers – and guaranteed arm-pump!

Distance: 1.94km | Drop: 168m | Average gradient: -8.6% | Current fastest time: 4:18.

Matt Lombardi | Photo: Dominic Barnardt

Stage 4 – Red Mountain: There are three distinct sections on Red Mountain, the first features round, embedded, widely spaced rocks, the second features sketchy, loose turns and rocky roll-downs and the third the slab rock river bed through the Kloof. The top section has been embellished with some small drops, jumps and rollers.

Distance: 1.86km | Drop: 157m | Average gradient: -8.4% | Current fastest time: 4:32

Stage 5 – Green Moss: This brand-new Enduro trail is flowy, but includes rocks, drop-offs and some tight turns. It

Distance: 1.55km | Drop: 107m | Average gradient: -6.8% | Current fastest time: 2:53.

Stage 6 – Summerflow: Summerflow is the shortest stage, but is super fun with several gap-jumps, jumps, rollers and berms. There are B-Lines around all gap jumps.

Distance: 1.1km | Drop: 59m | Average gradient: -5.3% | Current fastest time: 1:46.

Stages 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 are all similar to those used at last year’s SA Cup. Stage 5, Green Moss, is new and expected to be a good allround challenge as it comes late in the event for most and requires sharp focus, especially on the rocky sections.

The total distance is 30km, with 851 metres of climbing, which should see the fitter riders benefit in the latter stages as there’s a reasonable volume of pedalling and, while not very high altitude, the average of 1400m above sea level can catch some coastal racers off guard. Racing sensibly starts at 09h00 with a generous five-hour time limit.

There is a Lite Enduro that will Stages 4, 5 and 6 and which will be a very good challenge for this category, that includes Sprogs and Nippers.

Jason Boulle | Photo: Dominic Barnardt


This is not Leogang, it’s Limpopo. The new downhill course uses the most available gradient at Summerplace Game Reserve and sends riders on a 1.7km course with a drop of 200 metres.

Riders can expect some pedalling and a largely dry, loose surface. There are a few man-made features that include small jumps and rollers, with the trail-builders making the most of the natural features, including rocky ledges and rock gardens.

Most of the rock sections are short, but line choice will be essential as the rocks are sharp and tyre preservation will be important. Don’t expect berms. Well, there are a couple, but riders will need to have their flat turns dialled in order achieve maximum traction.

The Enduro event also doubles as Round 2 of the 2024 Gauteng Cup Series. The presenting sponsors are Suzuki and Balwin Sport, with supporting sponsorship from the following brands: 32Gi (nutrition support and prizes), 100% (prizes and sound system); Summerplace Game Reserve (accommodation); Lynwood Cyclery (tech support); Med Guys (medical support); EcoLogic (bike wash and prizes) and SHRED (media).

Online entries can be done here and will close at midnight on Wednesday 12 June 2024.

For more information, join the Gauteng Cycling Gravity Group on Telegram, here; or contact Paola Damilano on 0832523752 or

Frankie du Toit | Photo: Dominic Barnardt