Ever wondered what the average South African mountain biker looks like? Of course the answer may surprise you. How do you even get that information? We did the biggest survey ever of South African mountain bikers at the end of 2020, in association with Garmin. Based on the responses, here’s what the average South African mountain biker looks like.

The average South African mountain biker:

> Lives in Gauteng. Yes, 51.18% of the 3128 respondents live in Gauteng, the most populous province with the least amount of mountain biking gradient. But they certainly make the most of what’s there.

> Has been a mountain biker for 9.2 years. A reasonable amount of experience right there!

> Is male. Just over 80% are men.

> Considers himself to be ‘Very Keen’ in terms of his commitment. The options were Very Social, Recreational, Very Keen and Highly Committed.

> Is employed in a full-time job.

> Is 45.04 years old.

> Participates in a race 3-6 times a year.

> Mostly competes in marathons and short stages races.

> Is not a member of a cycling club.

> Doesn’t normally take an annual CSA membership, but will if a race entry requires it.

> Has a Strava account (the free version).

> Uses sports supplements (most likely Biogen, USN or 32Gi).

> Paid R48 971 for his bike.

> Likely rides a Specialized, SCOTT or Giant which is a 29er, full-suspension bike with a carbon fibre frame.

> Likely has Shimano components, or a mix of Shimano and SRAM and uses cleat pedals and Maxxis tyres.

> In terms of gear, he likely has a Specialized, Bell or Giro helmet and wears Oakley eyewear.

> For clothing, he likely wears a Ciovita, Anatomic or First Ascent jersey, and First Ascent, Assos or Ciovita bibshorts.

> On his feet you’ll likely find Falke or Versus socks and Specialized, Shimano or SCOTT shoes and on his hands you’re likely to find Specialized, Giro or Fox gloves.

> In terms of performance measurement gear, he wears a GPS smart watch, which is likely a Garmin.

> He also has a GPS bike-mounted computer which is also likely a Garmin. He doesn’t use a power meter, but he does have a smart trainer, which is likely a Wahoo or Tacx and he uses Zwift for his training sessions.

For specifics on the categories mentioned here, check out the four reveals of our 2020 South African Mountain Biking Survey here: