The second annual South African Mountain Biking Survey, presented by Garmin and run in 2020 by TREAD Media, established the most popular brands in 14 different categories. A total of 3128 mountain bikers took part in the 50-question survey, which ran during the month of December 2020. Here’s a summary of the leading brands, which will be receiving Gold, Silver and Bronze awards from TREAD and Garmin Southern Africa.

We published the results in four parts in order to be able to focus on the primary categories: Rider stats, Bike stats, Gear stats and Performance-measurement Stats. As with our 2019 survey, which was themed more around racing, the engagement of the results content was significant, with each reveal generating a least 12 000 views each for a total of over 57 000 views. Both mountain bikers and the mountain biking industry are interested in where their brands are placed in a market that has no other reliable or publicly available data.

We spent a few weeks working our way through the responses, which our staff thoroughly enjoy as the open-ended answers always show three things: passion, a need to tell a story and carelessness. Some are incredibly brand loyal, especially in certain categories where they will tick their brand and then also feel the need to leave a comment, confirming that their brand is by far the best – and why! Some feel they need to write more than just the brand name, but a bit of a story about why that’s their favourite brand.

And of course, the carelessness comes in when we have to try and figure out what they have typed! Garmin Edge was spelled correctly, mostly, but also like this: Harming Edge, Harmon Edge and Harmon Eggs. Garmin Fenix was spelled correctly, mostly, but also like this: Garmon Fenix, Garson Fenix, Gatmin Fenix, Gramun Fenix, Harming Fenix and Harmon Fenix. Anyway, we knew what they meant and besides, the G and H are next to each other on the keyboard…

Here are the top three brands in each category for the year 2020, chosen as favourites by South African mountain bikers. Each brand will receive a Gold, Silver or Bronze award certificate and artwork to use in its marketing messaging.