Freedom, friendship, fun and fitness. Just some of the reasons women ride mountain bikes. Durban-based Fiona Smith Williams is a mountain bike skills coach who also helps women overcome fear. She’s also a Liv ambassador who can be found mostly at Giba Gorge either sending the descents or helping others learn to send them…

Fiona co-owns Dirt School, a KZN-based mountain bike skills improvement initiative. She’s a BICP-certified instructor as well as a UCI-accredited cycling coach. So, she knows that while the rider is what she focusses on, the bike needs to be just right to offer the rider predictable control and consistent comfort. Here’s some more on Fiona…

Which is your favourite trail?

Have to be biased and say ALL the trails at Giba Gorge, but my ultimate is Gravity Dice.

How long has Liv been part of your Life?

This will be my third year riding a Liv, and there will definitely be many, many more!

How did you first connect with Liv?

I was always attracted to really nice coloured bikes and good looking bikes, so when I saw my friend and co-instructor, Karen,  on her beautiful Liv Lust, I fell in love. I wanted one of those Livs! My first Liv was the Pique Advanced and have never looked back.

Which Liv bike do you currently ride?

The Liv Intrigue Advanced 27.5.

What do you like about your Liv bike?

I just love it! The colour is beautiful and striking. It’s so plush and comfortable.  Jumps like a dream, absorbs technical terrain like a cushion. The fit is lovely – it feels like it was made for me.

Why should women looking at buying or upgrading consider Liv?

You will be so comfortable on a Liv. Liv bikes are designed by women from top to bottom. From the geometry of the bike to the seat and even the component choice, it’s made with women in mind. And the colours are just beautiful. So you can be confident that when you buy a Liv bike and they say it is designed especially for women by women, it really has! It’s not  just a cute paint job and a ladies saddle. The WHOLE bike is for you.

And it’s wonderful to be part of the Liv family. When you see another woman on a Liv it’s like, ‘HEY, nice bike, you are part of the family!’ And then we take photos!

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