The best way to transport your bicycle/s is the least-hassle way. Only when you have endured the frustration of trying to fit bikes into/onto a vehicle that’s not appropriately equipped, will you understand this. Thule, the world’s leading bicycle-carrier brand, has designed a solution for every kind of ride. Here’s some useful buying guidance.

Popping down the road, heading beyond the city limits or driving across the country with your bicycle/s? Whether you have a towbar or not, these are recurring small challenges that require Thule solutions. Here’s a short guide to assist you in choosing which Thule rack is best for the duration of your drive.

SHORT TRIPS (less than an hour)

Thule Xpress 2 (towbar-mount)

There isn’t a bike carrier around that’s easier to mount and remove from your vehicle than the Xpress 2. It can take up to 30kg of weight and can easily carry two hardtails, two road bikes or one full-suspension mountain bike. It’s also easy to fold and store, taking up minimal space.

More info and pricing here.

Thule Freeway 3 (reardoor-mount)

If you don’t have a towbar, the Freeway 3 is your friend when it comes to short trips. It’s designed for three bikes, but you may require a Bike Frame Adapter 982 to fit a full-suspension mountain bike.

More info and pricing here.

MEDIUM TRIPS (1-3 hours)

Euroway G2 3 Bike Carrier (towbar-mount)

These medium distance trips often involve travelling on a section of freeway where you can travel up to 120kph. While all Thule racks are designed to carry bikes at higher speeds, some racks, such as the Euroway G2 3 Bike Carrier are more stable, especially if you are carrying two or three bikes. It can carry up to 51kg of weight, but it’s a good idea to purchase longer straps for the middle slot if you want to carry three full-suspension mountain bikes.

More info and pricing here.

Thule Outway Hanging 3 (reardoor-mount)

If you don’t have a towbar, the Outway Hanging 3 is your medium-trip solution. It can carry up to three bikes and incorporates bike protection and security with soft cradles that absorb road shock and vibrations. There’s also an integrated anti-sway system that prevents bike-to-bike and bike-to-vehicle contact.

More info and pricing here.


Thule Easyfold XT 3 (towbar-mount)

When you’re going on long trips, especially with family, you need to be able to carry your bikes with maximum stability and security, but also be able to gain access to your boot or hatch and remove and store your rack neatly while away. The Easyfold XT 3 carries up to three bikes – including full-suspension mountain bikes and eBikes – and includes a smart foot-pedal tilt for boot/hatch access and folds up really compact for storage. Because it’s quite robust, it has wheels and a handle to move it easily when it’s folded. There is also the option of a load ramp if you are transporting heavier e-bikes.

More info and pricing here.

Thule ProRide 598

Many long trips, especially with a family, require a trailer – or a roof rack in order to be able to fit everything and everyone in! No need to leave your bikes behind though. The best solution is to mount your bikes on top of your trailer or your roof. The ProRide 598 delivers the most stability and security for your bikes and includes a locking system so that you don’t have to leave one family member with the car to watch the bikes when you take a rest stop.

More info and pricing here.

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