When you think of Bontrager, you don’t automatically think of pedals, but the component brand of TREK Bikes makes a range of pedals for road cycling and mountain biking. We have been riding with the Bontrager Comp MTB Pedals for a couple of weeks.

The first thing that struck us was how light they are. At 300g, they’re a bit lighter than Shimano’s XTR (310g). But of course, weight isn’t everything in pedals.

In terms of engagement, we had no issues engaging and disengaging the SPD-style cleat. We did find there is a softer feel engagement compared to Shimano SPD pedals, as in, a less defined feel of when the cleat is in the pedal.

As for the shoe-pedal contact, it’s good. Although it is a bit more svelte than a Shimano XTR pedal, the contact didn’t feel any less.

We haven’t been able to test the pedal in mud yet and we aren’t able to offer any opinion on durability as we haven’t had them that long. What is pretty cool is that they are available in black, red and oil slick colours.

SUMMARY: Bontrager has produced a slim, reliable clipless pedal that provides a solid alternative for the weight-conscious, style-minded rider.

PRICE: R1499 (R1599 for Oil slick). Includes one pair of cleats.