Cascades MTB Park in Pietermaritzburg will play host to this year’s SA National MTB Marathon Championships on Sunday 21 May.  Martin Dreyer’s RMB Change a Life Academy in Valley of 1000 Hills will once again be bringing a team of riders to take part in the Championships, and says that there is something very special about marathon racing.

He said: “It’s going to be awesome to bring a team. Of course our main struggle is with travel and accommodation costs. We do as much as we can with what we have but it does get tough on the pockets logistically, especially when we are all so eager to go. When businesses get involved even in the slightest – it helps us tremendously.”

Dreyer highlighted the importance of cycling over and above the athleticism of the sport. “It’s so much more than that,” he said.

Team RMB Change a Life at the 2016 Dusi2c.


The RMB’s Change a Life Academy has been teaching principles to be successful not just on the bike, but also off. “Many of the guys that come into the academy have had no previous form of mentorship within their communities to teach them basic fundamentals of expected societal ways and behaviours, such as simple please and thank-you.” he added

“Through the program, I’ve seen gratitude, appreciation and determination and sportsmanship learnt, and then in turn displayed which is really something special,” he said.

Dreyer chatted briefly about Ultra Marathon racing, and said: “You learn about yourself. After being challenged for a long time on the bike, you walk away empowered. There is a much greater impact and more meaning in terms of all-round well-being from it.”

The Cascades MTB Park is situated right next to the Cascades Shopping Centre – which provides the perfect opportunity for friends and families supporting the riders to grab a snack or drink. Those who aren’t followers of the sport can spend their time browsing the great selection of boutiques and stores at the centre.

Marathon distances are as follows:
80km – Elite Men only 
60km – Elite Women, Masters 30+
50km – Junior and Youth Men and Women

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Source: Cycling South Africa