Only if you have spent time on a smart trainer will you know that one of the greatest challenges is finding something on which to firmly place your device (laptop, iPad or smart phone). That’s why, when we saw the ICE Standz on Facebook, we were immediately interested!

We started off our Covid-19 Lockdown indoor training with our devices balanced atop TV tray table and an ottoman cube, you know, the thing you put your feet up on in the lounge. It wasn’t ideal, very top heavy and unstable but it placed our laptop/tablet where we needed it for an indoor smart trainer session – just in front of our bike at about chest level.

Then we found a small plastic filing tray cabinet, so we replaced the cubed footstool with that. Again, it wasn’t perfect, but it did the job, albeit with a few nervous moments that included an iPad sliding off and an iPhone dropping to the floor (thankfully not damaged). Then there was the exaggerated over the bars lean to reach the laptop keys…

The Ice Standz arrived and suddenly we felt less like schmos and more like pros. It’s designed and made in Johannesburg by fellow cyclists who also endured similar frustration in the opening weeks of the Lockdown. It’s relatively light (doesn’t really need to be heavy), it’s the ideal height (it’s height adjustable), it puts your device at the correct angle (it’s angle adjustable) and it holds your device firmly in place!

There are two angled grooves in the wooden top, designed specifically to hold a smart tablet and a smart phone. And there’s a wooden ridge at the base against which your laptop rests. All three devices were held in place firmly and we can confirm this product works really well. What is the measure of this? Peace of mind. When you can complete the set-up, a full smart-trainer session and the packing up without any additional stress.

The ICE Standz is made from a combination of mild steel and aluminium (the legs) and wood (the top). There is also a useful rail on the left of the top where you can hang your heart rate belt or a hand towel. It’s easy to move out of the way and the top folds flat for optimal storage.

Any criticism? Well, if you consider the price, no. If you’re looking for a stand with a high-end finish, then this may not be for you (but expect to pay a lot more). If you’re after a practical, functional stand at a reasonable price to make your indoor training hassle-free, then the ICE Standz is worth your investment.


PRICE: R1800

CONTACT:; 0823211261; 0832850803