Stage three of the FNB Wines2Whales (W2W) Mountain Bike (MTB) Adventure was met with high spirits on Sunday, 28 October 2017 with mountain bikers preparing to say goodbye to the winelands as they head out on a magnificent 71km journey from Oak Valley Wine Estate to the Onrus Caravan Park.

Team Sukkel Sukkel’s Francois Theron and Fritz Pienaar obliterated the field completing Stage Three in 03 hours 03 minutes 27 seconds, securing their second stage victory for the weekend. They also claimed the overall victory for all three days in an impressive combined time of 09 hours 56 minutes 59 seconds over 210km. “Our legs came together today,” says Theron. “It was a great finish after three days of racing. We didn’t really train, but the trails made up for it. The FNB W2W MTB Adventure was a lot of fun.”

“Francois’ legs were around the whole weekend. Mine only came today,” laughs Pienaar. “Stage Three is the real play day for me. The single track is great. It’s the perfect end to the weekend. The FNB W2W MTB Adventure was amazing.”

Mountain bikers in action during Stage Three of the FNB Wines2Whales MTB Adventure. Photo: Tobias Ginsberg


Team Dream Real Digital’s Waldo Zevenster and Carl Toua secured the second spot on the podium after three days of racing, with Team Stoneys’ Vernon Visser and Tim Ellerbeck coming in third.

Team Like Mother Like Daughter’s Lolita Van Aardt and Simone Rhoda Van Aardt secured victory in the women’s race completing three days of racing in a combined time of 12 hours 20 minutes 43 seconds. “I’m not in the greatest shape this year,” laughs Lolita. “Simone killed me. She’s super strong. Wines2Whales is a great event for families. There are fathers riding with sons, while brothers and sisters also team up. It is great for the whole family. The stages aren’t too long. I would suggest that you train though. It really does make the event more enjoyable.”

Team Oakley Group Girls’ Janine Muller and Mari du Toit secured the second spot on the podium, with Team Wines2Whales’ Erica Green and Reinette Geldenhuis finishing third.

Team Rotsvas’ Anton and Adrienne Moolman claimed victory in the mixed team category completing all three stages in a deserving combined time of 10 hours 40 minutes 12 seconds. “Today was nice and fast,” says Adrienne. “We took advantage of the technical sections. Wines2Whales is really nice. It’s good riding and the chill zones are great.”

“This is definitely one of the best events in the country,” says Anton. “I’ll recommend it to all riders.”

Theresa Ralph and Hamish Knowles of Team Galileo Risk claimed the second spot on the podium after three days of racing, while Team Boys & Bikes’ Petrus and Yzette Oelofse finished third.

“Mountain Biking is a growing sport in South Africa with an increasingly diverse appeal and we are delighted to provide this incredible platform. We would like to congratulate the winners of the Adventure stage and all the participants who came out this year,” said Mike Vacy-Lyle, CEO FNB Business.

GC – Stage 1, 2 and 3 combined / FNB W2W MTB Adventure
P_Group1 Group Time GC Team# TeamName Rider1 Rider2 Cat1
1 Mixed   20AB Team Rotsvas Anton Moolman Adrienne Moolman Mixed Team
2 Mixed   2AB Galileo Risk Theresa Ralph Hamish Knowles Mixed Team
3 Mixed   399AB Boys & Bikes Petrus Oelofse Yzette Oelofse Mixed Team
4 Mixed   420AB Rule no 5 B team Jane Seggie David Stonestreet Mixed Team
5 Mixed   21AB whining wales Gavin Meyer Jean Meyer Mixed Team
6 Mixed   34AB Anderson Transport Mixed Team Christiaan Bezuidenhout Louise Bezuidenhout Mixed Team
7 Mixed   24AB Not Sure Collette Bastard Gert Coetzee Mixed Team
8 Mixed   143AB Buffalo and Giraffe Pieter Uys Nikki Biesheuvel Mixed Team
9 Mixed   617AB Display Mania Mario Oosthuizen Leanne Brownwaterson Mixed Team
10 Mixed   439AB BeingIT Eugene Vivier Anja Van Zyl Mixed Team
P_Group1 Group Time GC Team# TeamName Rider1 Rider2 Cat1
1 Women   3AB likemotherlikedaughter Lolita Van Aardt Simone Rhoda Van Aardt Open Women
2 Women   485AB Oakley Group Girls Janine Muller Mari du Toit Sub Vet Women
3 Women   594AB Wines2Whales Erica Green Reinette Geldenhuis Sub Vet Women
4 Women   418AB T&T Tania Mestern Tessa Keers Veteran Women
5 Women   598AB Wine Lovers Melanie Knowles Carli Cooke Veteran Women
6 Women   456AB Rugged Roses Caren Mills Wendy Wood Veteran Women
7 Women   52AB Cycles Direct Gina Wills Auralia Edwards Sub Vet Women
8 Women   421AB KEKKEL & KLOEK Nickey Botes Esmari De Wet Sub Vet Women
P_Group1 Group Time GC Team# TeamName Rider1 Rider2 Cat1
1 Men   8AB Sukkel Sukkel Fritz Pienaar Francois Theron Open Men
2 Men   388AB Dream Real Digital Waldo Zevenster Carl Toua Sub Vet Men
3 Men   400AB Stoneys Vernon Visser Tim Ellerbeck Sub Vet Men
4 Men   384AB Gedi Frikkie Hartog Gerard Dirks Veteran Men
5 Men   396AB Epic Grid Christo Toua Toua Gareth Harrington Sub Vet Men
6 Men   387AB Robert Daniel Robert Sim Dawid De Bruin Veteran Men
7 Men   23AB Team Name Ben Bohm Karl Lambrecht Veteran Men
8 Men   383AB Team ASG Francois Louw Hanco Kachelhoffer Sub Vet Men
9 Men   7AB Topfiks Hennie Scheepers Pierre Griffioen Veteran Men
10 Men   592AB Back to the Future Paul Byrne Jan Tukker Veteran Men

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Source: Newsport Media