South African eyewear brand, D’ARCS, has been trusted by mountain bikers for more than two decades to deliver affordable eye protection. In recent years though, the brand has incorporated technology to become competitive on a global scale and, with new lenses and styles, has just undergone a relaunch. Here’s what you can expect from D’ARCS as it continues its next phase of growth.

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If paying a fortune for protective eyewear has made you uncomfortable, you’ve probably owned a pair of D’ARCS. Or will in the near future. The ethos behind the D’ARCS brand, which was established in 1993 by South African entrepreneur, Alan Hodson, has always been to offer a great product at an affordable price. And for almost 30 years, that’s exactly what D’ARCS has delivered.

Initially only focused on the South African market, D’ARCS was the first cycling eyewear brand to offer multiple lenses, giving owners the option to choose a lens (dark, light-tint or clear) for the light conditions they would be experiencing. Consistency in delivering high-quality affordable product with good after-sales service and a lifetime warranty has made D’ARCS a South African favourite.

The D’ARCS Sport range has been updated to include range of frame and lens styles to suit different riders.

“In the same way that sunscreen protects our skin, so eyewear protects our eyes and as such, we wanted to push the envelope in terms of technology used so as to compete with the global market leaders in eyewear,” said Mark Nel, National Marketing Manager at Omnico, the company that owns the D’ARCS brand.

“To this end, we developed the AURA High-Definition lens. This lens controls the optical wavelength of light, which enhances contrast, clarifies detail and increases your ability to define contours and objects, thus giving you a greater viewing experience. These polycarbonate lenses are highly impact resistant and provide 100% UV protection.

D’ARCS has added a photochromic range in its relaunch.

“In addition to the AURA lens, we have introduced a new Polarized lens, which has been formulated to enhance visual and polarization clarity. These lenses have effectively been designed to reduce glare in any situation without sacrificing detail and colour clarity,” added Nel.

The D’ARCS brand has four cornerstones: Technology, Innovation, Comfort and Style and the relaunch has ensured that each of these is on par with current global standards and trends.

The D’ARCS Lifestyle range adds even more depth to the brand.

“The relaunch has seen a number of new models added to the D’ARCS range so as to expand the offering. New additions to the lifestyle range include the Flare and Carbon while the Tundra is proving to be massively popular with cyclists and runners respectively. Our design team has spent countless hours over the last year to ensure that all models are on-trend and this, together with the new lens technology, augers well for the future,” added Nel.

Browse the new, expanded D’ARCS range here.

Paid partnership with D’ARCS