Former South African Enduro champion, Sam Bull, got the inaugural Sox Footwear Enduro Series, presented by SHRED off to a winning start with a dominant display at Grootfontein Bike Park, Pretoria on Sunday.

Bull put on a show of skill, speed and consistency, winning five of the seven stages to record a total time of 10min 35sec. Chris Pearton finished second in a time of 10:49 with Christan Kirsten rounding out the overall podium in a time of 11:11.

Sam Bull won five of the seven stages to secure a dominant overall victory. | Photo: HD Xion Pics

A total of 128 riders contested the event, which launched the first ever Gauteng Provincial Enduro Series. Cool, breezy conditions at the start became warm and slightly humid as riders charged down the seven racing lines, which offered a mixture of challenges from rocky roll-downs, rock gardens, gap jumps, step-downs, berms, flat turns and jumps, mostly set in foresty singletrack.

There were 15 female entrants with Junior, Lauriesian Brett, the fastest female overall in a time of 13:25. Sub-junior, Arielle Behr was second overall in 13:48 with Veteran Elja van Urk third overall in 14:01.

Lauriesian Brett was the top Junior and the fastest female overall. | Photo: HD Xion Pics

“I had a clean race and a lot of fun! I had no expectations. I had Covid about eight weeks ago so I don’t want to overdo it. I have been easing back into my training and being back on the bike in the past few weeks. Luckily the stages were relatively short so I could call on a bit of muscle memory or latent fitness,” smiled a satisfied Bull.

“I thought the stages were great for a provincial event like this. Not the most technically challenging, but to go fast on them was quite a challenge, especially with the loose, dry conditions where it was very easy to make a mistake. Putting clean runs together was not that easy. The stages were short but packed with features and nothing overly dangerous.

Chris Pearton won the Sub-veteran men’s division and was second overall. | Photo: HD Xion Pics

“Kudos to everyone involved. The organisation was fantastic and the timing system was great. The venue was also ideal for this kind of event. Thanks to everyone who is getting behind growing the discipline of Enduro in Gauteng. I’ll definitely try and do the remaining events in the series,” added Bull

“We’re satisfied with the turnout for the first round. I’m sure the numbers will increase in subsequent rounds as Gauteng riders can now see that the events are well organised with recognition for all categories,” said Paola Damilano, Gauteng Cycling MTB Chairperson, who organised the event.

“With the 2021 South African Enduro Champs being held at Iron Throne Bike Park, which is very close for Gauteng riders, I’m sure we’re going to see a number of riders using the provincial series to prepare for that,” added Damilano.

Christan Kirsten was the third fastest overall. | Photo: HD Xion Pics

Round 1 2021 Sox Footwear Enduro Series, presented by SHRED leading results:

Overall men

1 Sam Bull                               10min35sec

2 Chris Pearton                       10:49

3 Christan Kirsten                   11:11

4 Josef Bester                          11:26

5 Ryan van der Spuy               11:32

6 Dustin Rudman                    11:33

7 Adin Greyling                       11:35

8 Bradon Webster                  11:40

9 Steven Rudings                    11:46

10 Eugene Kriek                      11:50

Sub-Junior Boys

1 Thomas Carter-Brown         12:28

2 Joshua West                        13:40

3 Keegan Teague                    13:53

Youth Men

1 Dean Visagie                        12:09

2 Cade Badenhorst                 13:20

3 Christiaan Dreyer                 13:21

Junior Men

1 Adin Greyling                       11:35

2 Eugene Kriek                        11:50

3 Wiehan Nagel                      12:19

Under-23 Men

1 Matteo Damilano                11:56

2 Malin Sanne                         12:05

3 Jaedon Terlouw                   12:09

Senior Men

1 Sam Bull                               10:35

2 Christan Kirsten                   11:11

3 Josef Bester                          11:26

Sub-veteran Men

1 Chris Pearton                       10:49

2 Adriaan Botha                      12:00

3 Travis Holman                      12:26

Veteran Men

1 Ryan van der Spuy               11:32

2 Greg Richter                         12:08

3 Carl Deary                            12:33

Master Men

1 James Morland                    11:59

2 Sean Badenhorst                  12:16

3 Mike Behr                            13:46

Overall women

1 Lauriesian Brett                   13:25

2 Arielle Behr                          13:48

3 Elja van Urk                          14:01

Sub-Junior Girls

1 Arielle Behr                          13:48

2 Layla Greyling                      15:19

Youth Women

1 Danielle van Emmenes        18:40

Junior Women

1 Lauriesian Brett                   13:25

2 Talia Behr                             14:48

3 Cameron Capon                   14:52

Under-23 Women

1 Giulia Damilano                   15:43

Sub-Veteran Women

1 Maude Badenhorst              14:38

Veteran Women

1 Elja van Urk                          14:01

2 Irma du Plooy                       15:45

Master Women

1 Hildegard Setzkom              15:37

2 Sabine Cowie                       16:44

For full results with stage times and positions and heat map, click here.

There was a three-run Lite edition for Sprogs, Nippers and those new to Enduro racing. Gerhard van Zyl was the fastest male overall and Anri Goosen was the first female.

Leading results:

Sprog Boys

1 Liam Labuschagne               06:23

2 Michael Kanis                       06:26

3 Nathan Kuun                        06:37

Nipper Boys

1 Luan Labuschagne               06:38

2 Ruben Venter                       06:43

3 Evert Maritz                         06:54

The remaining rounds of the 2021 Sox Footwear Enduro Series, presented by SHRED are:

  • Round 2: Buffelsdrift, Pretoria – Sunday, 17 October
  • Round 3: Buffelsdrift, Pretoria – Saturday, 6 November
  • Round 4: Grootfontein, Pretoria – Sunday, 5 December

Because this is an official provincial series, run by Gauteng Cycling, a Cycling South Africa Membership (licence) is required for all entrants. There is a R50 day licence option, but for riders that want to be considered for the provincial series, which carries official recognition on a regional and national racing level, a full 12-month CSA membership is required. This costs R250 for adults and R150 for Youth (under 19). This, along with the Provincial affiliation fee of R75 are both one-off payments required.


Jo Bester -| Photo: HD Xion Pics

Giulia Damilano | Photo: HD Xion Pics

James ‘CJ’ Morland | Photo: HD Xion Pics

Cameron Capon | Photo: HD Xion Pics

Arielle Behr | Photo: HD Xion Pics

Matteo Damilano | Photo: HD Xion Pics

Eugene Kriek | Photo: HD Xion Pics

Bradon Webster | Photo: HD Xion Pics

Adin Greyling | Photo: HD Xion Pics

Atlegang Mokwena | Photo: HD Xion Pics

Omolemo Montoedi | Photo: HD Xion Pics

Dustin Rudman | Photo: HD Xion Pics

Ryan van der Spuy | Photo: HD Xion Pics

Elja van Urk | Photo: HD Xion Pics

Steven Rudings | Photo: HD Xion Pics

Note: Images of all riders will be uploaded to the HD Xion Pics site over the next few days. Riders can purchase images at R50 each from them.