Seven years and thousands of coached riders later, mountain bike skills coach, Joanna Dobinson will be leaving South Africa and has sold Biking in the Bosch, which will take on a new direction but still remain focussed on creating positive mountain biking experiences.

Dobinson has become an integral part of mountain biking in the Stellenbosch region with a highly successful mountain bike skills business. She has helped improve the mountain biking confidence and speed of over 9500 mountain bikers, ranging from school learners, to novice women to Cape Epic winners and World Champions.

Despite the strong winds, a large group of mountain bikers turned out to attend Joanna Dobinson’s farewell ride.

“Many think I have only been a women’s skills coach, but 70% of my clients are men, including many experienced men who understand the value of skills improvement training. I have loved every moment of building rider confidence over he years, but the opportunity to emigrate to the UK on an ancestral visa feels right,” said Dobinson earlier this week.

Cape Epic winners and World Champions, such as Arian Luthi (far left) and Marianne Vos (second from right) are among the MTB skills students of Joanna Dobinsons (far right)

“I’m really fortunate to be able to hand over the baton, so to speak, to one of my clients and friends, Jedi van der Merwe. She sees the potential in what I have created and will be adding her touch in the form of unique monthly mountain bike getaways for ladies. She will also hire two skills coaches to train kids and beginners in Stellenbosch and Somerset from January 2022.

“I feel extremely blessed to sell my business to in her these challenging economic times. I know she will add value and continue to build the mountain biking community with her hospitable touch,” added Dobinson.

After seven years, Joanna Dobinson (pictured) is handing over Biking in the Bosch to new owner Jedi van der Merwe. | Photo: Colin Hadley

Dobinson hosted a farewell ride in her beloved Jonkershoek this past Thursday and it was evident that she made a significant impact on a number of mountain bikers over the past seven years.

“I really am sad to leave our beautiful country and my dear family , I really never thought it would be necessary,  but I am also super excited to see what awaits us in the UK. My partner has a brilliant lecturing post lined up at Chichester University in West Sussex close to Surrey. Time will tell as to  to see what this entrepreneur who is passionate about the fitness and mountain bike industry will land up doing over there vocation wise!

Joanna Dobinson (black jacket) with some of her students that attended her farewell ride.

“Thank you to all my clients for making my job such a rewarding one, and to Specialized South Africa for the opportunity to ride such beautiful bikes!”

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