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With over 4200 participants and nine accumulated days of racing over a total distance of 789km and 11 355 metres of ascent, the KAP Sani2c is the world’s biggest mountain bike stage race. We wanted to know more about the gear and components used by the participants at the 2017 edition. 

We ran a survey which had a total of 893 responses. Some skipped the occasional questions, but for each question we had at least 855 responses, which from a total race entry number of 4264 is an ideal sample size for 95% confidence level and 3% margin for error. Those that understand the mechanics of surveys will know that those are very, very good figures.

Photo: Anthony Grote


Shoe brand %
Specialized 32.98%
Shimano 14.21%
Louis Garneau 10.25%
Sidi 7.69%
Giro 7.57%
SCOTT 4.77%
Olympic 3.37%
Bontrager 2.68%
Mavic 2.68%
Fizik 2.21%
Other 11.53%

There was a time that Shimano was the dominant shoe brand in South Africa. Well, that was what bike shops used to tell us. We were a little surprised to see Specialized so strong here. Louis Garneau’s position at No. 3 was also rather unexpected.

How old are the shoes you wore at 2017 Sani2c? %
I bought them in the last year 26.80%
About 1-2 years old 26.11%
About 2-3 years old 19.27%
About 3-4 years old 14.94%
About 4-5 years old 6.39%
Older than 5 years 6.50%

How often should you buy new shoes? Depends how often you ride, but these stats are a pretty good guide – we reckon every 2-3 years.

Photo: Em Gatland


Tyre brand %
Maxxis 38.40%
Specialized 17.14%
Schwalbe 14.37%
Continental 9.78%
Vittoria/Geax 6.88%
Onza 2.53%
Bontrager 1.69%
Mitas 1.08%
WTB 0.96%
Vredestein 0.72%
Other 6.40%

The only real surprise here is Specialized’s position at No. 2. Maxxis is easily the most dominant brand in the country, offering both a good range of tyres and good pricing. At the 2017 Cape Epic, Maxxis was also the top tyre brand with 31%, but Specialized didn’t feature in the top 10…

Which applies to you in terms of tyres for the 2017 Sani2c? %
I bought two new tyres for Sani2c 22.71%
I bought one new tyre for Sani2c 20.12%
My current tyres were just fine 57.18%

Tyres – probably the most consumable component of a mountain bike (along with sealant…)

When buying tyres, which applies to you? %
Light weight, I don’t mind the higher puncture risk 7.34%
Reinforced sidewalls, I’d rather have heavier tyres than risk punctures 78.93%
Good price, I can’t bring myself to spend a lot on tyres 13.73%

Everyone has a dramatic flat tyre story to tell. Most would prefer not to accumulate those kind of stories, as the stats reflect…

Eyewear brand %
Oakley 32.56%
Rudy Project 29.55%
Adidas 10.37%
D’Arcs 5.18%
Ocean 4.46%
Uvex 1.44%
Bondi Blu 0.84%
Bolle 0.72%
Nike 0.60%
Cebe 0.60%
Other 13.63%

More eyewear brands than we ever imagined! However, the top three at the Cape Epic are the top three here too.


Helmet brand %
Specialized 22.09%
Bell 14.88%
Rudy Project 13.60%
Giro 8.95%
SCOTT 7.20%
Catlike 5.00%
MET 2.79%
Fox 2.67%
Kask 2.44%
Uvex 2.09%
POC 2.09%
Other 16.16%

We expected Bell and Giro to be at the top considering how widely available these two brands are (they’re imported by the same company).

How old is the helmet you wore at 2017 Sani2c? %
I bought it in the last year 27.89%
About 1-2 years old 24.00%
About 2-3 years old 22.29%
About 3-4 years old 12.34%
About 4-5 years old 7.31%
Older than 5 years 6.17%

How often should you buy a new helmet? After a hard crash for certain, but if you don’t have a hard crash, then don’t wait more than 2-3 years.

Photo: Em Gatland


Regarding socks, which applies to you? You may select more than one. %
Socks? I don’t wear socks 0.11%
I like short socks 45.42%
I like mid-calf length socks 32.95%
I’m a sock nut. My socks are immaculate and match my kit 17.51%
I just wear whatever socks I have 20.71%

One thing is certain, pretty much everyone wears socks.

Regarding riding jerseys for the 2017 Sani2c, which applies to you? %
I was given corporate jerseys to wear 15.17%
My teammate and I wore matching jerseys 56.6%
I just wore whatever jerseys I already have 28.16%

There’s quite a strong matchy-matchy vibe when it comes to jerseys. It’s a good thing really.

Regarding riding shorts for the 2017 Sani2c, which applies to you? %
I wore tight Lycra shorts 86.64%
I wore baggy shorts 4.11%
I wore baggy shorts over tight Lycra shorts 9.25%

Tight Lycra for the win here… Not surprising really. While baggy shorts look better, the extra layer isn’t ideal, especially when it’s muddy. More layers of fabric mean more surfaces to create friction.

Photo: Em Gatland


Regarding gloves for the 2017 Sani2c, which applies to you? %
I used long-finger gloves 54.47%
I used short-finger gloves 44.15%
I ride without gloves 1.38%

The overwhelming majority use gloves, but the split between long-finger and short-finger gloves is quite marked.

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Coming soon: 2017 KAP Sani2c – all the rider stats

Photo: Em Gatland



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GEAR CHOICE AT THE 2017 SANI2C – ALL THE STATS Reviewed by on .   With over 4200 participants and nine accumulated days of racing over a total distance of 789km and 11 355 metres of ascent, the KAP Sani2c is the world’s bigg   With over 4200 participants and nine accumulated days of racing over a total distance of 789km and 11 355 metres of ascent, the KAP Sani2c is the world’s bigg Rating: 0

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