Wouldn’t it be great if you could give someone that you love, some real happiness this festive season? Well, happiness is relative, so that’s tricky, but you could definitely give someone a great reason to smile. Everyone that rides an eBike finishes with a smile. Well, everyone that rides a Giant eBike certainly does. Here are seven reasons why…

Giant is one of the largest bicycle manufacturers in the world and is globally respected for its innovation and quality across its vast range of bicycles. Giant was one of the first large brands to bring high performance eBikes to market and has become the global leader in this growing category. In South Africa, Giant is experiencing great success with its eMTB bikes for the following reasons:

They’re accessible

Giant has always been committed to making riding bicycles as accessible as possible. This is no different in the eBike category, where the 2021 Talon +3 29er , a sleek aluminium hardtail, sells for under R45000. This is an ideal model for most riders as it has Shimano 9-speed drivetrain, Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, 100mm of SR Suntour suspension-fork travel, 29-inch wheels and a Giant SyncDrive Core motor with side-release EnergyPak battery. It’s has everything you need for real mountain biking at a bank-account-friendly price.

2021 Talon E+ 3 29er
It’s entry-level, but not really. The Talon E +3 29 is an exceptionally well-priced aluminium hardtail eMTB that’s packed with all the important features and specs to deliver a safe, comfortable ride. And a big smile. More here

They’re rugged

It’s one thing riding into the bush in search of fitness, fun and freedom. It’s quite another when you experience bike trouble and are left stranded. Giant’s eBikes are built to endure the most extreme riding conditions and ensure that not only do you enjoy a trouble-free ride, but that you return home safely. With a smile.

They’re fully integrated

Unlike most other brands, Giant uses its own motor technology, which ensures seamless integration and reliability. Most eBike motor systems are cadence driven, which results in the rider having to adjust his/her riding style to match the motor’s behaviour. Giant’s SyncDrive Technology is synchronised with rider input, producing smooth pedalling power with a natural feel that is both intuitive and symbiotic, resulting in a ride that’s predictable and rewarding.

2021 Tempt E+ 3 29er
Ladies, this is your new BFF. The Tempt E +2 29er is the most affordable feature-packed eMTB for women, offering a lightweight aluminium frame with 29-inch wheels on the M & L and 27.5-inch wheels on the XS and S, to deliver optimal control and long-ride comfort. And a big smile. More here

They’re comfortable

eBikes allow you to ride for longer – sometimes much longer – than you normally could, especially for newer riders. And long rides require extended concentration and control to ensure a safe, stimulating ride. Giant eBikes are designed to deliver optimal comfort, with appropriate frame geometry for each model as well as a wide range of sizes, from Small through to Extra Large.

They’re controllable

An eBike gives you pedal-assisted power that you’re initially unaccustomed to. After a few rides you begin to appreciate the advantage it can deliver on steep climbs, long ascents and over technical terrain, such as rocks, ruts, roots, mud and even deep puddles. But with this power, comes the need for the consciousness and ability to maintain control. Giant’s eBikes are designed to offer the rider consistent control with optimal frame geometry, ideal wheel base length, dropper seatpost (on certain models), shorter reach, wider handlebars and category-appropriate tyres.

2021 Stance E+ 2 29er
The enthusiastic trail tamer. With 120mm of FlexPoint rear suspension travel, a 130mm-travel SR Suntour air fork and Shimano’s Deore 10-speed drivetrain, the Stance E+ 2 29er delivers the committed rider an exceptional value-for-money ride. And a big smile. More here

They offer value for money

While Giant makes some of the best high-performance bicycles in the world, delivering podium finishes at the highest levels of road and mountain bike racing, the brand is acutely aware of the importance of offering exceptional value for money to the broader enthusiast market. When you buy a Giant eBike you know that you’ve won the bang-for-buck prize. Just compare Giant’s eBikes with similarly specced bikes from other brands for confirmation.

They offer first-class back-up

Since eBikes are a relatively new category, there’s still limited general after-sales support. Because Giant doesn’t only supply multi-brand bike shops, but also has a number of its own retail stores, you can rest assured that any kind of attention your Giant eBike may need, from servicing, to spares, to advice, is easily accessible.

If you’re considering an eBike for yourself or a family member/partner/friend, then be sure to thoroughly explore Giant’s wide range, which caters for everyone from new-riders to experienced gravity-riding lovers.

2021 Stance E+ Pro 29er
The serious trail tamer. With similar characteristics to the Stance E+ 2 29er, the Pro adds a 12-speed Shimano Deore drivetrain and brake system; and a lighter Shimano/Giant 29-inch wheelset to deliver stimulating rides at any speed. And a big smile. More here

2021 Trance X E+ Pro 29 2
The adventure seeker. With 29-inch wheels, 140mm of Maestro rear suspension and a 150mm-travel Fox 36 Float fork, with Shimano SLX components, the Trance X E+ Pro 29 2 delivers heaps of singletrack serotonin to experienced riders. And a big smile. More here

Check out the Giant eMTB range in South Africa here

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