Toyota South Africa has increased its investment in mountain biking in South Africa by becoming the vehicle partner to established mountain bike media brand, TREAD Media and new mountain bike trails website, Top MTB Trails.

Established in 2009, TREAD is the South African media authority on mountain biking, focussing purely on the country’s largest cycling discipline across all its sub-categories. It covers all aspects of mountain biking including racing, trails, skills, buying, bike tests, gear reviews, maintenance and people across all ages.

Launched in November 2021, Top MTB Trails is focused on featuring all South African mountain bike trails parks with relevant, practical information for those that want to ride them. It also features an interactive platform that allows mountain bikers to rate the trails they ride and fills a large gap in a category that’s grown significantly during the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions.

“We’re based in Johannesburg, but with so much mountain bike racing and a range of trails throughout the country, we do a lot of travelling with both brands. To have Toyota commit as a vehicle partner is rather significant,” said Sean Badenhorst, co-founder of both TREAD Media and Top MTB Trails.

“Toyota has been a great supporter of cycling in general and mountain biking in particular in this country for a long time. I don’t think the brand’s investment is always appreciated enough and we plan, through our two brands, which combined, reach the majority of the mountain bike market, to ensure there’s consistent awareness of this commitment,” added Badenhorst.

Toyota’s current commitments to South African cycling include sponsorship of Toyota Cadence, the weekly show on SuperSport TV; co-sponsorship of MTO Jonkershoek, one of the country’s premier mountain bike trails parks; vehicle partner to the Pedal Power Association, which grows various aspects of cycling vehicle partner to Cycle Lab Active, the country’s largest cycling club; and sponsorship of the Zwift eSports Racing Team, Toyota CRYO RDT. And then, very recently, Toyota added its support, using its new Corolla Cross Hybrid, behind a fresh project at The Munga ultra-endurance race on an exploratory eBike project.

“Toyota is an active supporter of cycling and healthy lifestyle choices, and our product line-up offers a variety of vehicles that perfectly compliment the active and outdoors lifestyle. Whether you are a family heading out to a new pump track or a serious athlete chasing a new Strava segment PB, there is a Toyota that will get you and your mountain bike gear there,” said Glenn Crompton, Vice President of Marketing at Toyota South Africa.

“Toyota is the most successful motor brand in South Africa. This is not by chance. It builds a range of high-quality vehicles to cater for South Africans across all walks of life and offers a support network like no other vehicle brand,” said Badenhorst.

“The addition of hybrid models, such as the new Corolla Cross and RAV4 at a time when traditional fuel costs are soaring, is sure to see Toyota remain the leading motor brand. We are looking forward to travelling many thousands of safe kilometres in capable Toyota vehicles as we continue to support and help mountain biking grow through TREAD Media and Top MTB Trails,” added Badenhorst.