The mountain biking community is not the easiest of communities to convince of something that’s new and better. In fact, over the past 20 years, mountain bikers have been through the five stages of grief a few times, particularly with carbon frames, 29-inch wheels, Boost width wheels and electronic shifting. And of course, eBikes. But with eBikes, five stages weren’t enough – there’s now a sixth stage…

Stage 1 – Denial

Surely not? Why would you want to put a motor on a bicycle? That’s what motorbikes are for. It’s just a fad.

Stage 2 – Anger

SURELY NOT! Why the &£$@ would you want to put a motor on a bicycle? That’s what £&^%*@*$ motorbikes are for!!!

Stage 3 – Bargaining

Well, they now make eBikes, but they probably won’t last, will they? If only they had done some research with real mountain bikers.

Stage 4 – Depression

Oh boy! We have now lost the purity of riding bicycles. What a sorry position to be in. RIP real bicycle riding.

Stage 5 – Acceptance

These eBikes are actually very good. So many new people getting into riding now that they are able to. I might actually buy one for myself.

Stage 6 – Enhancement

This eBike is great. But I feel limited by the speed that it cuts the pedal assist off at. I need more speed, more distance and more fun! I need to enhance it. I’m contacting the guys at Echo101-Plus today!


The electric-assist bikes (eBikes) category is now the fastest-growing bicycle category in most countries, including South Africa. With the growing popularity of eBikes, discerning South Africans are looking at maximising their investment. Our mission at Echo101-Plus is to help our customers unlock the potential of their eBikes to create more memorable experiences.

There are a number of reasons people buy an eBike. At Echo101-Plus, we are eBike riders ourselves, so understand these reasons and share your vision for improved mobility, pace or distance to help you achieve your eBike objectives with less effort and greater reward. At Echo101-Plus, we make use of safe, proven world-leading technology to ensure you can ride further, faster and longer, with peace of mind.

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