When you consider the health and social benefits it offers, besides being a whole lot of fun, it’s not surprising that there’s a growing number of South African girls and women discovering mountain biking. But there’s isn’t a wide range of appropriate mountain bikes for South African females and that’s what inspired the launch of Mia by Momsen.

Just over a decade ago, Momsen Bikes was launched in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The philosophy of the brand was simple: create quality mountain bikes to suit South African needs – at a reasonable price. After building its foundation with race-inspired aluminium and carbon hardtails, Momsen Bikes launched the VIPA, the first South African-designed full-suspension carbon 29er in 2014.

Momsen Bikes then focused on an obvious gap in the youth market. The Junior Super Light model range was developed to give committed/competitive kids the lightest, most efficient bike for their wheel size. The ‘Junior Super Light’ is still a go-to favourite for parents of performance-orientated kids.

In 2018, Momsen Bikes began the Mia project, which launched late in 2019. The objective: develop and deliver a South African mountain bike brand that caters specifically for females, from kids to adult.

While performance is a priority for most males, females are more inclined to ride mountain bikes for social and health reasons. The Mia range was designed with this in mind, but without sacrificing the potential for performance, should the rider be so inclined.

“Women are also more focussed on comfort and safety than men, so we set about creating bikes in various wheel sizes in attractive, but not traditionally ‘girly’ colours that are comfortable and offer a high level of control,” said Victor Momsen, founder and owner of Momsen Bikes.

Key aspects of the Mia by Momsen bikes include:

  • Very good brakes – each model comes with hydraulic disc brakes for optimal confidence on descents
  • Wide-range gearing – All but one model comes with a single front chainring for simplicity and wide-range cassette gearing for easier climbing
  • Women-specific frame sizes – Extra Small, Small and Medium frames which are lighter and more suited to most females
  • Female-specific frame design – The hardtails have more stand-over height, making stopping and starting less challenging and improving rider confidence
  • Suspension fork – for improved control and comfort on rough surfaces

Mia by Momsen Range:

Mia JSL 40 – 24-inch wheels hardtail:

Ideal rider: Girls aged: 6 – 9 Years | Height: 120 – 133cm | Beginner/Intermediate Social or Race focussed

Mia JR 100 – 26-inch wheels hardtail:

Ideal rider: Girls aged: 10 – 14 Years | Height: 134 – 162cm | Beginner/Intermediate Social or Race focussed

Mia Sport One – 27.5-inch wheels hardtail:

Ideal rider: Females from age 13 | Height: 155 – 165cm | Beginner/Intermediate Social focussed

Mia Sport Two – 27.5-inch wheels hardtail:

Ideal rider: Females from age 13 | Height: 155 – 165cm | Intermediate Social or Race focussed

Mia Vipa Race One – 29-inch wheels full suspension:

Ideal rider: Females from age 13 | Height: 160 – 175cm |Intermediate/Advanced Race focussed

For more details on the Mia by Momsen range, head here.

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