Ambitious kids are daring, adventurous, fun-seekers and risk-takers. Ambitious kids are both challenging and rewarding to parent. Ambitious kids aren’t average kids and they need above-average bicycles to match their character. This top brand has got the best bikes for ambitious kids.

What do you need to ride a bicycle confidently? Good brakes. The same goes for kids. Good brakes give you actual control and a better perception of control. And when you feel more in control – and have more control – you ride with greater confidence.

To have increased control on a mountain bike, you also need good traction. Plus-size mountain bike tyres offer more traction than conventional tyres and are superb for both nervous adults and daring kids. Kids are less mindful of consequences, so tend to charge around turns faster than what the laws of physics may deem reasonable. Having the additional traction of Plus tyres can be the difference between a grazed elbow and a great big grin…

TREK’s range of Roscoe Kid’s Bikes comes standard with disc brakes and 2.8-inch Plus-size tyres to deliver immediate confidence. They’re also specced with a 1×8 drivetrain and wide-range cassette for shifting simplicity and climbing ease. The frame is lightweight, durable Alpha Gold Aluminium with kid-specific geometry that includes a sloping toptube, for better clearance.

The new range will be arriving in South Africa soon, so it’s a good time to take advantage of the current models at reduced pricing on TREK’s Winter Sale.

Roscoe 24

Ideal for kids 130–150cm tall.

Roscoe 20

Ideal for kids 114–132cm tall.


The TREK Kickster Balance Bike is your greatest ally!

With a lightweight, durable aluminium frame, the Kickster sports sturdy alloy 12-inch wheels, an adjustable-height seatpost, a ‘dad-handle’ behind the saddle, a steering limiter for safety and a foot platform in front of the rear wheel.

All these features add up to a bike that allows your toddler to focus on building his or her balance and confidence from an early age.

Ideal for kids 85–100cm tall.

Paid partnership with Trek Bikes South Africa.