The Covid-19 lockdown has thrown our regular riding routines into disarray. No events or organised club rides are permitted, but we are all riding as much as ever, some of us even more. Riding alone remains as dangerous as ever, possibly more so with high levels of unemployment leading to desperation crime. Women and youth are particularly soft targets for opportunist attacks.

Photo Credit: Bev Mckenna

We’re keen to help everyone feel safe when riding, so please email us if you:

  1. Need a group to ride with
  2. Have a group (or groups) that you don’t mind others joining

For women (and men), it’s mostly trail riding groups and for youth, it’s often fun sessions at pump tracks or jumps.

Please email Joanne on with relevant information, such as location, days, times, level of fitness/skill required, duration etc. We’ll start publishing and sharing a list ASAP.

If you’re unsure where you can ride during the Level 3 of the Lockdown, here’s a link to our list.

Many of these venues are on private land that’s relatively safe. We say ‘relatively’ because it’s still South Africa and no place can be considered completely safe, sadly.