There’s a place in Pretoria where the trails are engaging for most and challenging for some. Singletrack built with purpose, passion and experience. It’s a relatively moderate sized piece of land that’s off limits to the public, but is open once a year for an event that’s part race, part celebration. It’s the Rotvas Challenge and the 2023 edition is happening on Sunday 26 November! Here’s how to enter.

Paid partnership with Rotsvas Challenge

The trail at the Rotsvas Challenge follows one 14km loop. On Sunday 26 November, you can choose how you want to challenge yourself. You can either go for the SPEED Challenge and complete the loop as fast as possible; or you can tackle the ENDURANCE Challenge and see how many laps you can complete in four hours.

It’s by no means an easy 14km loop, but it’s highly stimulating because it doesn’t really give you much time to recover. You’re either tackling a climb, negotiating a descent or weaving through the natural rock formations that deliver a dramatic backdrop. Not many can complete the loop in under an hour. Those that do get their name etched on the ‘Wall (rock) of Fame’.

And because there’s a new generation of mountain bikers that are less keen on suffering and more drawn to risk-taking and thrills, there’s also a FUN Challenge that will be held on the jumps to offer skilled riders – and those who think they’re skilled – a chance to deliver some air with flair.

The event is self-timed and self-start using the Strava app. There will be prizes for the top performing males and females for each of the three challenges and a festival vibe for competitors and supporters to enjoy. Competitors pay a fee and can enter here. There’s no charge for supporters, who will be able to buy food and refreshments as well as enjoy the live entertainment.

Paid partnership with Rotsvas Challenge