In October, Dryland Event Management took mountain biking events to a new level when they launched the ground-breaking Dryland Rewards Program App. A convenient way to enter events and redeem rewards based on your event history. With popular 2021 events like Momentum Medical Scheme Attakwas and Tankwa Trek, presented by Biogen, looming, now’s the time to get the most from this app. Find out how.

It may take a bit of getting used to, but you may as well start getting used to it now. Entering legendary, world class events like Attakwas and Tankwa Trek and others can now be done on your smartphone via the Dryland Rewards App. During Phase 1 (until end of December 2020) you will be able to earn entry fee discounts on upcoming Dryland events if you use the app to secure your entry.

For example, if you completed Cape Pioneer Trek 2019 (70 points), Attakwas 2020 (10 points) and Tankwa Trek 2020 (40 points) you will have earned 120 points, which puts you into the ‘Bold’ tier on the Dryland Athlete Ranking and earns you a 20% discount off your entry fee for upcoming Dryland events. That’s a healthy saving at a time when the economy is heavily strained and everyone appreciates some relief.

Your current Dryland Athlete Ranking points will have been earned from Glacier Cradle Traverse, April 2019 until The 36ONE MTB Challenge November 2020. From next year, points can only be earned during a rolling 12-month period. So, if you earn points at a Dryland event in April 2021, they fall away once that same event is held in April 2022.

Here’s how the Dryland Athlete Ranking works:

Dryland Athlete Ranking Points Event entry discount
Fearless 230 60%
Heroic 200 50%
Courageous 160 40%
Daring 120 30%
Bold 80 20%
Gutsy 40 10%
Gritty 20 5%


Dryland events points are allocated as follows:

Dryland Event Discipline Points
Momentum Medical Scheme Attakwas Extreme presented by Biogen UCI MTB 10 points
Momentum Medical Scheme Tankwa Trek presented by Biogen UCI MTB 40 points
Glacier Cradle Traverse MTB 30 points
The 36ONE MTB Challenge (The Challenge) MTB 15 points
Glacier Storms River Traverse MTB 30 points
Ladismith Cheese Seweweekspoort MTB (80km) MTB 5 points
Momentum Medical Scheme Cape Pioneer Trek presented by Biogen UCI MTB 70 points
Rhodes Dryland Traverse Trail Run 30 points

The 2021 Momentum Medical Scheme Attakwas Extreme, presented by Biogen, which has been postponed due to tighter Covid-19 government limitations, is the most prestigious ultramarathon in the country. With UCI status and a demanding point-to-point route, it attracts some of the biggest national and international stars to contest its coveted podium places.

Since it will be held around eight weeks before the postponed 2021 Absa Cape Epic, it’ is certain, once again, to be a popular form-tester for the Elite racers. But it’s also an event that delivers a significant challenge for amateur riders and offers a compelling goal at which to aim.

There’s also a Half Atta, which is the ideal event for Intermediate level riders who feel the Ultra is too formidable. At 52km with 1100m of ascent, it’s still a challenge that’s ideal for couples or families keen for a memorable bonding experience.

The 2021 Momentum Medical Scheme Tankwa Trek, presented by Biogen is the first UCI-graded stage race of the year. With four stimulating stages in the rugged Cederberg, Tankwa Trek attracts a star-studded international field with tight racing guaranteed. For many, it’s a compulsory test of bikes, gear, bodies, partnerships and spirits at the start of a new racing year.

If you plan to enter either the 2021 Attakwas or Tankwa Trek, download the Dryland Rewards app (if you haven’t already) and take advantage of the discounted entry fee based on your previous Dryland event completion. If you’re new to Dryland Events, download the app to start enjoying the convenience and benefits it offers.

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Download the App here: Dryland Rewards

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