Women ride for different reasons. Women have different challenges. Women want comfort, control and good coffee. Women like co-ordinated colours and appreciate brands that think about them. Liv is the only international cycling brand that’s focussed only on women and more and more South African women are discovering these benefits. Meet Liv ambassador, Colleen Louw.

Colleen lives in Vredekloof in Cape Town’s Northern Suburbs. She runs a swim school, teaching little ones water safety and how to swim. Her husband, Julian, manages the Giant Durbanville bike shop, where she assists with buying advice and riding experiences for women.

Which is your favourite trail? Sjoe, I have a few. Definitely most of the trails on the Tygerberg Mountain Bike Club network in Durbanville, such as Hoogekraal and Conties. I also really enjoy Jonkershoek.

How long has Liv been part of your life? Not that long. About a year, but I wish I knew what I know now earlier. I have been riding Giant for about four years.

How did you first connect with Liv? I got offered a ride on a Liv Pique demo bike. We rode Jonkershoek that day. We ended up on The Plumber (black route). I couldn’t stop laughing, I absolutely loved it. Got home, sold my Giant Trance the next day and bought a Liv Pique Adv 2.

Which Liv bike do you currently ride? Liv Pique Advanced 2

What do you like about your Liv bike? The fact that there is no pedal-bob without even locking the suspension out is a plus for me. It climbs like a rocket and the geometry design makes it really comfortable and confidence inspiring, even on the most technical of trails. It punches way above its weight class.

Why should women looking at buying or upgrading consider Liv? Liv is the only comprehensive cycling brand dedicated solely to women. In everything they do, they put women first. It is amazing to have a brand that we can embrace as our own in a sport that is mostly dominated by males.

The bikes are not just pretty colours. They are designed specifically for women. Proportionately, women generally have longer legs and shorter torsos compared to men, so we feel really stretched out on men’s bikes. The women-specific geometry on the Liv bikes eliminates that. I just feel absolutely comfortable on the bike, like it is made for me and with that comes a whole lot of confidence. I never believed in women-specific geometry until now. It is a bike and a brand that I am proud of.

To learn more about Liv go to https://www.liv-cycling.com/za/about-liv

Get in touch with Colleen at Giant Durbanville.

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