A couple of weeks ago we revealed that the Munga had found a new title sponsor. Now we can finally say who…

Introducing the eXtract Group, and more specifically, MCC Contract Mining and Services!

“In the mining industry we are constantly exposed to numerous elements – weather, terrain, commodity demands, commodity prices and communities.  The ability to encounter these challenges without being defeated, the ability to endure and persevere is key to survival in this tough environment.

The sheer will to endure and succeed aligns us perfectly to The Munga, as extractmcc-munga-treadmtbit mirrors the sheer determination of the participants, that no matter how tough the challenges or the route, the stamina and ability to endure, leads to success. The Munga is like no other race on earth, eXtract/MCC is like no other mining service company in the world. We are therefore proud to be associated with the toughest race in the world, The Munga!” Justin Colling, Chief Executive Officer, eXtract Group and MCC Contract Mining & Services

Sounds like Justin is about ready to sign up for the race itself! What is super exciting is that eXtract/MCC have partnered with The Munga for three years, meaning we can co-labour as we build an exciting race and change the remote Karoo forever! Get used to that big bright MCC, as you are going to be seeing it all over the Karoo.


Source: The Munga