If you can measure it, you can improve it. Committed bicycle riders and racers are avid followers of this principle and invest in the right kind of technology to ensure they have accurate measurement both on and off the bike. Dofit is a relatively new brand that’s making performance measurement a lot more accessible because of its impressive price. Here’s what you can expect from Dofit’s cycling-suited models

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What’s the price? You ask immediately. Good question. Currently (July 2022), the Dofit Delta GPS 3 sells for R1700 and the Dofit Pulse will cost R999. Sounds too cheap when most GPS smart watches cost at least R5000! But it’s really a superb product that’s priced to ensure anyone on a tight budget can afford to monitor his or her performance and progress. Here’s a summary of each of the two models to give you some insight into exactly what functions you’re investing in.


This is the second edition of the Delta model which is lighter and more compact than it’s predecessor. It’s also now waterproof.

This wrist-worn device is designed to be able to monitor your body’s response to training and recovery 24 hours a day with a sleep monitor that measures your sleep quality, which determines your recovery and readiness for training. Other features include:

Full touch screen | Colour screen | Weather forecast | Women’s Health | Music | Alarm | Blood Oxygen Monitor | Stress Level Monitor | Personalised Face Dial | Magnetic charging | Water intake reminder | Ultra-comfortable strap | Seven days battery life.

From a training and racing perspective, the Dofit Delta GPS 3 delivers a built-in GPS which gives up to 10 hours of GPS usage. It has a super-fast satellite connection and is Strava compatible. It includes 14 different sport modes and measures heart rate, with automatic recognition of sport mode. In cycling mode, it measures distance, current speed, top speed, average speed, time elapsed and slope gradient.


The Dofit Pulse doesn’t offer a GPS, but does include all the other features of the Dofit Delta 3. It has a squared shape with bevelled edges and, like the Delta 3 comes in Black and Pink

“Since it was established by our CEO, Alan Hodson, Omnico Pty Ltd has been committed to designing, sourcing and offering great products at reasonable prices. Not everyone has the means to afford a smart watch to monitor their training and recovery, which was the driving force behind Dofit,” said Mark Nel, Omnico Marketing Manage.

“With the Delta and the Pulse we have wearable technology that’s accurate, reliable and affordable and we look forward to many South Africans, no matter what fitness and training goals they pursue, making the most of the Dofit products,” added Nel.

Find out more about the Dofit Delta GPS 3, Pulse and other products here.

Dofit products are available in South Africa at Sportsmans Warehouse and Outdoor Warehouse.

Paid partnership with Dofit