The one piece of equipment every mountain biker should own, is a floor pump. Optimal tyre pressure is essential in order to get the most out of your bike and the trails that you ride. You have to take control of your tyre pressure and the best way to do this is to manage your tyre pressures.

Photo: Dino Lloyd


A floor pump is efficient at inflating tyres as well as managing pressure. But you need a pressure gauge for this. A pressure gauge you can see! Some of our testers have reached that stage in their lives where their eyesight isn’t what it once was. Ryder has designed the Airplus to have its gauge positioned at the top of the pump and not at the bottom, like most. We like this.

We also like that it uses a ‘Clever Valve’ connection system, which means you can inflate both Shrader and Presta valve systems without having to make any manual changes to the connection device. It simply adapts automatically and has a secure thumb-lock to keep it in firmly in place during inflation. And it all works really well.

Photo: Dino Lloyd
Photo: Dino Lloyd


The Airplus has a 6063 aluminium barrel and can inflate up to 160psi (in case you have a road bike too). The foot base is rubber to make it ‘anti-slip’, which we can confirm is successful in its objective. There are also two separate ‘needle’ connections that come with the pump that allow you to inflate things like a pool lilo and any kind of ball.

It’s not the first floor pump with all these features, but it’s certainly one of the best priced. And Ryder is a South African brand that’s achieved a high level of respect through its value-for-money accessories.


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