We all know how vulnerable our smartphones are when we are riding or racing. They cost a packet and contain just about everything we need to communicate better with our world. Because of their functionality, they also allow us to ride longer and/or more often and that really is all that matters, right? Right. We’ve tested two smartphone protection solutions (G-Form Extreme Case & Screen Shield) over a few months that have truly impressed us.

Sweat, rain, puddle splashes and stream crossings conspire to render our smartphones useless, while noisy clinking of CO2 bombs, tyre levers and a multi-tool in your pocket or hydration pack can drive you (and your buddies) dilly. pOcpac’s sealable, transparent weatherproof pouches have solved these problems.

Because of the G-Form protection case making our one tester’s iPhone 4 a bit more bulky, he used the pOcpac MTB pouch for his phone (which is slightly bigger than the Mobi pouch) and a second pOcpac MTB pouch for his spares (we can fit 1 x multi-tool, 2 x CO2 bombs, 1 x CO2 bomb connector, 1 x chain Quick-link and 2 x tyre levers, some cash and a credit card into it).

Photo: Dino Lloyd
Photo: Dino Lloyd



One of our other testers, with a Samsung Galaxy S4 smart phone just used the appropriate sized pOcpac for his phone. The Mobi pouches come in three sizes to accommodate iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Note 2 Smartphones. What we love is that you can use the touchscreen and camera without having to remove it from the pouch. They’re robust, which is ideal for mountain biking activity and weigh very little. They can also be branded with your business or club’s imagery/details.

What’s also really cool is that pOcpac is a South African brand that is making a big impact abroad with these innovative pouches.

SIZES: MTB Pac (tools), Pro Road Pac (tools); iPhone (mobi), Samsung Galaxy S4 (mobi) and Samsung Note 2 (mobi)

PRICES: From R85–R110 each (depending on size)

CONTACT: www.thepocpac.co.za; 021 4616846


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*Originally published in TREAD Issue 28, 2014 – All rights reserved



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