TheMungaIn response to feedback received, The Munga team would like to confirm that the race’s prize money of $1 million dollars is guaranteed and set aside for The Munga’s inaugural race on the 3rd of December 2014!

“With prize money at the level of The Munga’s, it is life changing for the winners. We therefore decided to get external certification from our Legal Team at Eversheds (SA) confirming that the prize money is not just a novel concept to create race excitement, but rather a secured reality,” says Alex Harris renowned explorer, athlete, founder of Xplore Authentic Experiences and Race Director of The Munga.

Wynne Kossuth at Eversheds (SA) goes on to say that: “As legal counsel to The Munga, we can confirm that $1 million has been guaranteed for the purposes of race prize money.”

The Munga, the world’s toughest mountain bike race is set to take place between 03 to 08 December 2014 in South Africa.

“Are you tough enough; do you have what it takes to compete in The Munga and win your share of a million dollars? If you think you do – don’t forget to enter at <!” concludes Harris.



Source: Orange Ink PR

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