Martin contacted us wanting to tell his story how mountain biking changed his life. We found his story and enthusiasm infectious, so we thought it worth it to let him tell his tale. In his words – TREAD 


Before beginning my story, let me introduce myself, my name is Martin Vos

In 2009 I weighed in at 146kg I had high blood pressure, Sleep Apnoea and generally a very unhealthy lifestyle on the way to an early grave.

I realised that if I wanted to see my kids grow up and live a long life with my lovely wife I had to face the facts. I was not willing to carry on with my life as it was at that stage.



Let me just make it clear I did not start a “diet” I changed my lifestyle. I changed my eating habits and one of the best things I’ve done in my lifestyle change is to start Mountain Biking.

As you guys know when the cycling bug bites it bites hard, and it bit me very hard.

Today 4 years later I weigh 102kg through hard work and lots of sweat.

I’ve decided to enter the Bridge Cape Pioneer Trek for a couple of reasons.

To create awareness for people are overweight, feel challenged mentally, physically and believe that they will never be able to compete against the best. Through hard work and perseverance none of this is impossible.

Another reason I entered is to fulfil a dream of mine to complete one of a few stage races I would like to participate in.

(ABSA Cape Epic, Joberg2c, Sani2C, Namib Quest and ride the Rhino to name a few) and prove to myself that I can complete a real 7 day stage race, living to tell the tale.

I was fortunate enough to receive support and assistance from Bridge, Karoo Sun Guest House and the best mountain bike magazine around, Tread magazine.

Martin before the start of his race at Van Gaalen. Photo: Supplied
Martin before the start of his race at Van Gaalen. Photo: Supplied


Last Weekend 7 Sep 2013 while competing in Penny Pinchers Silverstar Casino MTB Race somehow my bike frame cracked.

With help from the guys at Westrand Cycles fixing my bike I was able to compete in the Nissan Trailseeker #3 at Van Gaalens, in preparation for the Bridge Cape Pioneer Trek.

This is my second year Competing at Van Gaalens.

In 2012 I completed the race in 3:07:56 today 14 Sep 13 I completed the race in 2:25:32 (Un-official results not released yet)

I’m very happy with this result as is shows improvement of more than 30 minutes on last year’s results.

A pleased Martin with his finisher's medal at van Gaalen. Photo: Supplied
A pleased Martin with his finisher’s medal at van Gaalen. Photo: Supplied


The race was like I experienced Van Gaalens a couple of times in a couple of races a couple of hard climbs up jeep track, Very nice single track and

Some trying downhill sections with lots of rocks and stones. Overall I enjoyed the race and with 36 days left for training before Bridge Cape Pioneer Trek without a doubt I still have a lot of hard work ahead in preparation for this race. Thank you!


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