Enduro racing is still quite small in South Africa, but it’s expected to grow quite fast because it’s got a fairly low barrier to entry and blends fun, fitness and skill without the sacrifice of hours of training. But crash and injury risk is higher than your average XC or marathon event though due to the descents being timed, limits pushed and risks taken. That’s where the Bell Super fits in. Protection wise, Bell has given the new lid lots of rearward coverage and more above-the-ear protection than any other non full-face helmet we’ve seen. And they have somehow designed 25 vents to encourage good airflow.

Photos: Dino Lloyd
Photos: Dino Lloyd


The large visor is adjustable and offers good protection from the sun but can also be retracted far enough (up to 30 degrees) to stash goggles below it. The visor is also removeable for those that prefer to ride without, with goggle clips so that you can keep them attached to your helmet, both while on the bike and off it. The helmet retention mechanism has a three-point adjustment system that changes the position slightly of where the helmet sits on your forehead. One of the vents can be converted to a GoPro camera mount using an included plastic piece, which straps into Velcro tabs located under the helmet padding.

Despite having 25 vents, we did feel the heat, but then we did test it in peak summer season; and at 390 grams, it’s a little heavier than the SCOTT and POC enduro-style models we’ve been testing lately. But in terms of comfort it’s truly impressive. Eyewear with arms that arc outwards to go over helmet straps was difficult to fit without some discomfort. But not all our testers felt this – those with narrower heads seemed fine.

In summary a feature-packed helmet that offers more head protection and better than any other Enduro helmet we’ve tried – so far.

Weight: 390g

Colours: Black/White (tested);

Sizes: S (51-55cm); M (55-59cm) and L (59-63cm)

Price: R2100

Contact: www.omnico.co.za; 021 691 0110



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*Originally published in TREAD Issue 27, 2014 – All rights reserved


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