We all know how vulnerable our smartphones are when we are riding or racing. They cost a packet and contain just about everything we need to communicate better with our world. Because of their functionality, they also allow us to ride longer and/or more often and that really is all that matters, right? Right. We tested two smartphone protection solutions (pOcpac Weatherproof Pouch) over a few months that have truly impressed us.

Dropping your smart phone is almost as bad as losing it. Almost. Damage repair is frighteningly costly and always paid with a high dose of regret. Just cracking the screen can be a disastrous (First-World) problem. The G-Form Extreme Case uses G-Form’s three-layer protection system that features the patented Reactive Protection Technology (RPT), a molecular technology that hardens on impact essentially dissipating the impact significantly and protecting your prized piece of electronica.

Photo: Dino Lloyd
Photo: Dino Lloyd


One of our testers inadvertently dropped his iPhone out of his jersey pocket a few times; crashed with it in his pocket a few times; dropped it while walking and simply being a bit careless; and gave it to his kids to play games on, without flinching… Each time, it has been well protected by the G-Form case and Xtreme Shield screen protector, the latter a clear plastic-type of shield that can, according to G-Form, withstand even a shotgun bullet (although very tempted, we never tried this).

You can, if you want to, throw the phone purposefully a few metres onto a hard surface and be confident that it won’t be damaged. We know, because we tried. After a few post-ride beers. Just to make sure the manufacturers were telling the truth. And because we’re male.

So no more smart phone paranoia which, in this modern First-World existence of ours, is a great state of being. The only negative is that the phone is more bulky, but not that much more and considering the level of protection, a trade-off we were comfortable with. Also, the cover isn’t waterproof, but then no protective shells like this are. So we used the pOcpac pouch on rides to achieve the best of both worlds…

SIZES: G-Form covers and screens are available for: iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s and Samsung Galaxy S3

COLOURS: Various

PRICES: Extreme smart phone case: R499 (iPhone 4, 4s); R599 (iPhone 5, 5s & Samsung Galaxy 3s)

Extreme screen shield: R399

CONTACT: www.g-form.co.za


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*Originally published in TREAD Issue 28, 2014 – All rights reserved



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