So a good stage for some, valuable time lost for others, but it’s unlikely that this race, being tough, will come down to a handful of seconds. As predicted Scott racing had to be favorites for the stage, but tomorrow the endurance starts and racing begins proper. I would assume most of the teams would like to try and hold something back for Tuesday stage, however the GC teams won’t have such a luxury and will have to keep a sharp eye on each other, making for some close racing.

Bearing in mind that in order to win the big bucks, you also need to accumulate a minimum amount of points awarded daily on finishing places inside the top ten. So stage wins go along way in securing the prize.



Tomorrow’s stage, as far as I remember, gets quite tough towards the latter parts of the stage, and it’s here that I expect to see the top teams battle it out for the stage. The first third of the stage is about riding safe, and looking after your equipment as the dry and rocky, thorny Karoo can end your race quickly should you not pay attention.

Expect to see the top three teams from today battle it out, but anything happens and there may be some surprises awaiting. Stay tuned for details, and for twitter updates, follow @Team _RECM, @FedGroupITEC, @bridgeCPT and @Mr_TREAD.


Source: Kevin Evans


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