Sean Badenhorst ‏‪@Mr_TREAD

6 Aug

CHOOSEDAY question: How do you like your trails – finely manicured or naturally rough? And why?

Not that many replies to this CHOOSEDAY question. This means that either it’s not that important or that Mr_TREAD’s followers were doing actual work and not hovering on twitter. Or, many may not quite understand the difference between a manicured and a rough trail…

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Most of the replies favoured rough and natural, which doesn’t really surprise us, as we know that most of those that replied are pretty experienced, hardcore mountain bikers. Newer mountain bikers may prefer the predictability of a smooth, manicured trail surface, which isn’t a bad thing at all. As long as you’re riding trails – any trails – you’re living well.

Here are the replies:

Susan Hartley@strathspeysusan

6 Aug

‪@Mr_TREAD naturally rough adds to the fun as you never know when that little stone is going to land you on the ground.

Tharina Cronjé@tangocycling

6 Aug

‪@Mr_TREAD naturally rough! Its how its meant to be, more challenging & improving your skills.

Hartmut Behrens@HartmutBehrens

6 Aug

‪@Mr_TREAD naturally rough to work your skills and exercise the bicycle tech you spent top dollar on.


6 Aug

‪@Mr_TREAD natural. Its tougher and more skillful to ride and more exiting than knowing what is to come.


6 Aug

‪@Mr_TREAD manicured. Better for faster, flowing riding.

Daniel Dobinson@iRideAfrica

6 Aug

‪@Mr_TREAD rough & natural because that’s how singletrack really started out as.

nicholas johannisen ‏‪@nick4jess

6 Aug

‪@Mr_TREAD naturally rough :)leave the manicured stuff for roadies

Lawrence van Lingen ‏‪@lorenzomojo

6 Aug

‪@Mr_TREAD Safe

danielle kylie@iamdanielleiam

6 Aug

‪@Mr_TREAD naturally rough. free ride all the way.

Jason shaw ‏‪@Improvinathlete

6 Aug

‪@Mr_TREAD finely manicured and wide, cos I’m rubbish!

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