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His and Hers

With just over one week remaining until the start of the 2019 FNB Wines2Whales Shiraz, Joanne and Sean Badenhorst of Team TREAD hit the road and got in a few rides on some  classy KZN trails. They’re a married couple with full-time work and family commitments. They have been cycling for over 30 years and are tackling some mid-life bicycle riding challenges together. This won’t be their first stage race as teammates; but it will be Joanne’s first Wines2Whales. Sean has done three previously.


After a pitiful training week last week due to my dental specialist’s orders to not ride for a while after the traumatic (for me) extraction of a molar from my mouth, I was determined to get right back into my groove.

I did one indoor power training session at Power Lab on Tuesday and then was fortunate to be able to do three rides in KZN, as I headed there for a work trip. Cool thing was, Joanne was with me as it was a worth trip for her too. We did a short, sharp (23km) ride at Karkloof on Thursday, a steady 30km ride at Holla Trails on Friday and then a more challenging 50km ride at Holla again on Saturday. All superb rides on some incredible trails!

It was three successive days of riding together on some reasonable gradient, which is important, as the climbing at Wines2Whales is still scaring the hell out of Joanne. We also got to ride a high percentage of quality singletrack (also a W2W feature) and toil away in hot weather, which may come in useful if it’s hot during W2W. Joanne also rode at a steady pace throughout each ride, which is good because often she’s soft-pedalling on her rides as she’s helping beginners or weaker riders on the Cycle Lab Active Women rides.

I mostly soft-pedal with Joanne, but did push her at times when necessary on wider climbs, which definitely elevates my heart rate somewhat. It’s good because we both get in a good workout. I always recommend male-female teams to ride like this as it moves you, as a team, through the stage faster and keeps you both challenged throughout.

Mine and Joanne’s training for the past six weeks:

His Hers
8 weeks to go 115km/4h25m 172km/10h14m
7 weeks to go 135km/5h15m 177km/10h43m
6 weeks to go 85km/4h2m 159km/9h42m
5 weeks to go 273km/11h2m 205km/12h05m
4 weeks to go 211km/10h55m 210km/12h59m
3 weeks to go 165km/7h5m 128km/8h9m
2 weeks to go 109km/5h52m 200km/10h45m
1 week to go 153km/8h23m 162km/11h08m
AVERAGE 156km/7h07m 177km/10h43m

My week:

Tuesday: 40.29km 1hr17min Power Lab tempo session

Thursday: 23.9km 1hr48min Ride at Karkloof Trails

Friday: 30.6km 1hr53min Ride at Holla Trails

Saturday: 50.2km 3hr25min Ride at Holla Trails

Total distance: 153km

Total time: 8hr23min


This week was a great week for a few reasons… We got to ride at some different trail parks on our travels, it was my birthday week and I discovered that the route for Day 1 of Wines2Whales had a slight change, the distance is now 65km with 1700m of climbing, when it previously was 1900m of climbing.

We are almost ready to do this. Bike transport is booked and paid for; human transport is booked and paid for. I have booked my post-ride massages, and I have prepared as much as I ever have for an event, if not more.

It was really awesome, challenging and fun to ride on the KZN trails this week. A hot Thursday afternoon ride at Karkloof, was short in distance, but was moderately challenging from a technical and gradient aspect. Friday morning we hit the familiar and popular Pink Trail at Holla. A few new sections since I last rode it, but it never disappoints. A fair amount of sugar cane roads with some flowy singletrack leaves you smiling at the end of the ride.

We decided to get some more climbing in on Saturday. The Yellow Trail at Holla was our choice and we had a solid, steady ride. The climbing wasn’t too hectic, and I found that I managed to get up most of the climbs without too much discomfort. I really enjoyed the Yellow Route, so scenic and a good mix of shaded singletrack, cane roads and farm roads.

Even though I am still dreading the amount of climbing at W2W, I am feeling that I am going to make it to the end of each day, if the weather plays along.

My week:

Monday: REST Day

Tuesday: 30.1km 1h191min Power Lab Session

Wednesday: 26.13km, 1hr51min CLAW Outride at Modderfontein

Thursday: 24.13km, 2hr10min Karkloof

Friday: 31.34km, 2hr07min Holla Trail Pink

Saturday: 50.6km, 3hr39min Holla Trail Yellow

Sunday: Rest Day

Total distance: 162.3km

Total time: 11hrs08min

Entries are now closed for the 2019 FNB Wines2Whale, but you can find out more about the event for 2020 at

WELCOME CHANGE OF SCENERY AS RACE WEEK LOOMS! Reviewed by on . His and Hers With just over one week remaining until the start of the 2019 FNB Wines2Whales Shiraz, Joanne and Sean Badenhorst of Team TREAD hit the road and go His and Hers With just over one week remaining until the start of the 2019 FNB Wines2Whales Shiraz, Joanne and Sean Badenhorst of Team TREAD hit the road and go Rating: 0

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