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Covid-19 rightfully gets a lot of negative publicity. But the lockdowns and significant changes to our plans and goals have helped many to take stock of what’s really important. Those that have lost jobs have found ways to earn a living by pursuing their passion. Many have taken up cycling to be more self-focussed. With the increased popularity of cycling, there’s never been a better time to consider becoming a bicycle mechanic in South Africa – professional or enthusiast.

It’s been six years since the establishment of Torq Zone Academy, a dedicated, internationally recognised, nationally accredited, bicycle mechanic training facility in Centurion. Torq Zone Academy offers two kinds of courses, those wanting to pursue a full-time career as a bicycle mechanic and an enthusiast option for those wanting to take control of their own bicycle maintenance.

Torq Zone Academy offers specialist bicycle mechanic courses to train both professional and enthusiasts.

For a relatively small investment in both time and money, Torq Zone Academy has helped change lives – both of its students, who range from 17-77 years in age, and their families and dependants. Bicycle mechanics are an essential link in the cycling eco-system. As we adjust to the effects of an economy affected by government-induced lockdowns, there’s never been a more appropriate time for the following types of people to consider a Torq Zone Academy course:

The school-leaver: Are you sure you know what you want to do after finishing school? If not, then why not take a year to ride your bike and ‘bank’ a back-up career by becoming an ace bicycle mechanic?

The retrenched employee: Being retrenched is something you had no control over. But you can regain control of your future with an internationally recognised qualification from Torq Zone Academy.

The career-changer: If you’ve realised that you aren’t getting any real fulfilment from your current job and have been wondering where to next, try a highly useful, deeply satisfying Torq Zone Academy course.

The retired: Boredom can be a bugger! When you’ve been working your whole life and now find yourself highly able, but with nothing to do, why not invest in a way to earn some cash and stay busy?

The tinkerer: If you’ve always done as much of your own bicycle maintenance as possible, why not take your enthusiasm to the next level and gain optimal knowledge on how to repair everything?

CSI projects: If you work for a corporate that’s looking at making a meaningful economic improvement to a needy community, why not help empower people with education via a Torq Zone Academy course?

Torq Zone Academy has been training bicycle mechanics in South Africa since 2014.

Torq Zone Academy is the only bicycle mechanic training facility in South Africa. In 2014, Torq Zone Academy became the first Cytech-accredited learning institution outside of the United Kingdom. In 2016 Cytech expanded its international footprint to Canada and Australia and is an internationally recognised industry standard. This means that a Cytech certification will confirm the high level of your knowledge and standard of your work to be able to help you find employment in most countries.

The South African bicycle industry has become a leading employer of Torq Zone Academy graduates, where the Cytech certificate confirms the job-seeker’s competency. A number of bike shops also send their committed workshop staff for training or upskilling to Torq Zone Academy.

Torq Zone Academy training takes place at their premises in Centurion, which are equipped with all the tools to be able to repair/service any kind of older or modern bicycle.

Torq Zone Academy offers varying levels of courses as follows:


Junior Technician Programme, which includes

  • Occupational Certificate: Bicycle Repairer, NQF Level 3, and
  • Cytech Technical 1 and 2

Senior Technician Programme, which includes:

  • Occupational Certificate: Bicycle Special Components Repairer, NQF Level 3, and
  • Cytech Technical 3


  • Cytech Home Mechanic
  • Cytech Home Mechanic Plus
  • Cytech Home Mechanic Wheelbuilding
  • TZA Home Mechanic Hydraulic Brakes
  • TZA Home Mechanic Suspension

Courses range in duration from 2-8 days and follow a structured curriculum that incorporates both older and the latest bicycle technology across all bicycle categories. Savings packages are available which, simply stated, implies the larger the course package you opt for, the larger your savings.

Torq Zone Academy courses offers Cytech international certification, which equips graduates to be able to work in South Africa and abroad.

With Torq Zone Academy also using, importing, and selling Unior Bike Tools, one of the world’s leading bicycle tool brands, they are able to not only train you but also equip you (

Recent Torq Zone Academy testimonials:

Time is taken to explain, and allowance is made for ample practical. I learned a tremendous amount that will no doubt help me in finding work in the cycle industry going forward.” – Alan on Cytech Technical 1, 2 and 3 (2019).

“The trainer remained focused and professional throughout and has a very high level of subject knowledge. There’s a very high standard of all training aids and equipment.” – Tony on Cytech Technical 1, 2 and 3 (2020).

“The adult learning environment was most conducive to training.” – Jonathan on Cytech Home Mechanic Plus (2020)

“Very focused program dealing appropriately with the crucial aspects of bicycle repair and maintenance. All theoretical aspects were followed up with ample practical exercises ensuring all learning was reinforced. A very neat and professionally laid out workshop.” – Colin on Cytech Technical 1 and 2 (2020).

“I believe the course is value for money and a must-do for existing technicians and anyone wanting to enter the industry.” Alex on Cytech Technical 1 and 2 (2020).

For more information on Torq Zone Academy courses, visit, or contact Graeme at 082 850 0115 or

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