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What kind of gear is being used at the KAP Sani2c? With over 4000 participants, it’s one of the most significant South African mountain bike events. Having done our first TREAD Sani2c survey in 2017, we also have stats to compare to. Which are the most dominant helmet, shoe and tyre brands? And which is the most popular motor car brand? What clothing choices are being made?

Our survey had a total of 566 responses, which from a total race entry number of 4060 is an ideal sample size for 95% confidence level and 5% margin for error.

Shoe brand

2018   2017  
Specialized 27.45% Specialized 32.98%
Shimano 13.45% Shimano 14.21%
Sidi 11.45% Louis Garneau 10.25%
SCOTT 8.18% Sidi 7.69%
Giro 7.09% Giro 7.57%
Louis Garneau 6.90% SCOTT 4.77%
Bontrager 5.63% Olympic 3.37%
Olympic 2.72% Bontrager 2.68%
Mavic 2.18% Mavic 2.68%
Fizik 1.63% Fizik 2.21%
Other 13.32% Other 11.53%

Specialized still occupies the top spot, by a big margin. The biggest improvement over last year is Bontrager, with SCOTT and Sidi also moving up. Louis Garneau seems to be the biggest faller in these rankings.

Shoe age

  2018 2017
I bought them in the last year 28.86% 26.80%
About 1-2 years 24.32% 26.11%
About 2-3 years 18.87% 19.27%
About 3-4 years 13.61% 14.94%
About 4-5 years 9.62% 6.39%
Older than 5 years 4.72% 6.50%

Two percent more bought shoes in the last year compared to the previous year. A total of 27.95% haven’t bought shoes in the past three years or longer. Although there are exceptions, three years is widely considered the lifetime of a mountain bike shoe that’s worn regularly.

Tyre brand

2018   2017  
Maxxis 43.76% Maxxis 38.40%
Specialized 14.01% Specialized 17.14%
Schwalbe 11.90% Schwalbe 14.37%
Continental 10.55% Continental 9.78%
Vittoria/Geax 9.21% Vittoria/Geax 6.88%
Bontrager 3.83% Onza 2.53%
Onza 1.15% Bontrager 1.69%
Chaoyang 0.95% Mitas 1.08%
Mavic 0.76% WTB 0.96%
WTB 0.57% Vredestein 0.72%
Other 3.31% Other 6.40%

Maxxis increased its share of the Sani2c participant market by over 5% compared to 2017. It’s still by far the most popular tyre brand at this event. Other brands that improved over the past year were Vittoria/Geax, Bontrager and Continental, with Chaoyang and Mavic making their way into the top 10. Specialized and Schwalbe still hold second and third rankings respectively, but both dropped a little in their Sani2c market-share percentages.

 Tyre preparation

  2018 2017
I bought two new tyres for Sani2c 29.43% 22.71%
I bought one new tyre for Sani2c 18.13% 20.12%
My current tyres were just fine 52.44% 57.18%

Year on year, more riders bought two new tyres in preparation for Sani2c – more than six percent more, which is quite a leap. If you’re going to invest money in your entry fee and Sani2c trip and the time to train for it, might as well reduce the risk of the most common race-ruining cause – tyre drama…

Tyre preference

  2018 2017
Light weight, I don’t mind the higher puncture risk 7.99% 7.34%
Reinforced sidewalls, I rather have heavier tyres than risk punctures 78.36% 78.93%
Good price, I can’t bring myself to spend a lot on tyres 13.65% 13.73%

Almost exactly the same numbers at the previous year, with the majority preferring a slightly heavier, more puncture resistant tyre.

Eyewear brand

2018   2017  
Oakley 37.10% Oakley 32.56%
Rudy Project 27.18% Rudy Project 29.55%
Adidas 9.72% Adidas 10.37%
Ocean 6.15% D’Arcs 5.18%
D’Arcs 3.96% Ocean 4.46%
Uvex 1.98% Uvex 1.44%
Tifosi 0.79% Bondi Blu 0.84%
SCOTT 0.79% Bolle 0.72%
Bondi Blu 0.59% Nike 0.60%
Assos 0.59% Cebe 0.60%
Other 11.15% Other 13.63%

Oakley increased its share of the Sani2c market, while it’s two primary rivals, Rudy Project and Adidas both lost a little ground since 2017. Ocean and Uvex also improved their ranking and percentages, while Bondi Blu dropped a bit. SCOTT, Tifosi and Assos all entered the top 10 this year.

Helmet brand

2018   2017  
Specialized 20.54% Specialized 22.09%
Rudy Project 14.54% Bell 14.88%
Bell 10.00% Rudy Project 13.60%
Giro 9.45% Giro 8.95%
SCOTT 8.54% SCOTT 7.20%
Catlike 5.09% Catlike 5.00%
Fox 3.45% MET 2.79%
Bontrager 2.72% Fox 2.67%
Kask 2.72% Kask 2.44%
POC 2.54% Uvex 2.09%
Uvex 2.00% POC 2.09%
Lazer 2.00% Other 16.16%
Other 16.41%

Although it lost a little of its Sani2c market-share, Specialized remained the most popular helmet for another year. Brands that grew slightly were Rudy Project, Giro, SCOTT, Catlike, Fox, Kask and POC, while Bell dropped from second to third in the top 10. Bontrager and Lazer both entered the top 10 strongly in 2018.

Helmet age

  2018 2017
I bought it in the last year 33.94% 27.89%
About 1-2 years 22.14% 24.00%
About 2-3 years 18.87% 22.29%
About 3-4 years 11.98% 12.34%
About 4-5 years 5.81% 7.31%
Older than 5 years 7.26% 6.17%

A five point increase in the percentage of those that bought a helmet in the past year is quite a leap. There’s never been a wider range of helmets (and colour options) at such competitive pricing, making this an easier decision for many. However safety really should be the primary objective when it comes to helmets and the 25.05% who have had their helmet for three years or more should consider updating their lids from a peace-of-mind (and safety) perspective. 


  2018 2017
Socks? I don’t wear socks 0.18% 0.11%
I like short socks 41.56% 45.42%
I like mid-calf length socks 35.57% 32.95%
I’m a sock nut. My socks are immaculate and match my kit 19.96% 17.51%
I just wear whatever socks I have 17.60% 20.71%

Definitely a mindset shift towards socks over the past year with ‘mid-calf length’ and ‘I’m a sock nut’ both seeing increased percentages over 2017’s stats.

Riding jerseys

  2018 2017
I was given corporate jerseys to wear 15.97% 15.17%
My teammate and I wore matching jerseys 57.53% 56.6%
I just wore whatever jerseys I already have 26.50% 28.16%

Not too much changed here. Good to see most teammates like to wear the same jerseys. It always looks better in the photos too…

Riding shorts

  2018 2017
Tight Lycra shorts 89.11% 86.64%
Baggy shorts 3.27% 4.11%
Baggy shorts over tight Lycra shorts 7.62% 9.25%

Tight Lycra shorts favoured even more… Makes sense though. Three days of saddle time require maximum comfort.


  2018 2017
I used long-finger gloves 50.64% 54.47%
I used short-finger gloves 48.46% 44.15%
I ride without gloves 0.91% 1.38%

Long-finger gloves still favoured over short-finger version. But only just… When it’s hot, long-fingered gloves can feel a bit uncomfortable for some.

Bike rack brand

Thule 74.21%
Holdfast 8.00%
Buzz 6.05%
Menabo 0.78%
Double D 0.78%
Atera 0.58%
Bosal 0.58%
Saris 0.58%
Homemade 0.58%
Front Runner 0.39%
Dixon 0.39%
Other 7.66%

This was the first time we have included bike rack brands in our survey. We weren’t really surprised to see Thule as the leader, but were surprised to see how significant a lead it has here.

Motor car brand

Toyota 27.18%
Volkswagen 13.39%
Ford 11.06%
Land Rover/Range Rover 8.15%
Mitsubishi 5.43%
Mercedes 4.27%
Audi 4.27%
Nissan 3.88%
BMW 3.10%
Volvo 2.71%
Mazda 2.52%
Hyundai 2.52%
Other 11.52%

Another first for our survey – primary motor car brand driven by Sani2c participants. This is the top 10.

Did you miss the first part of our 2018 KAP Sani2c survey reveal. It contains stats and info about the riders and can be seen here: https://www.treadmtb.co.za/kap-sani2c-riders-stats-the-2018-reveal/

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