Are you South African? Or do you live in South Africa? Do you spend time, energy and money on mountain biking? If the answers are yes, then you’re exactly the person that we’d like to hear from. Spend a few minutes taking our survey and stand to win a pair of Garmin Rally XC100 power meter pedals worth R13499!


Not familiar with Garmin Rally XC? Well, it’s the world’s most sensible power meter, taking your power measurement from the exact point where you apply it – your pedals.

The Garmin Rally pedals are designed with the sensors housed in the pedals on a removeable spindle, so you’re able to swap one pedal body for another, allowing those that ride mountain bikes and road bikes to only require separate housing for the different cleat system.

Besides power measure reading, the dual-sided-sensor Rally pedals will also deliver right and left side metrics independently, while also measuring total power, cadence and time spent seated and standing. The cheaper single-sided-sensor Rally models use the forces detected on the left pedal only and double it to give total power. You can upgrade a single-sensing system to dual-sensing one at a cost.

The Rally power meter pedals have a battery life up to 120 hours and are accurate to +/- 1%. They are compatible with the Garmin Connect app for uploading data and updating software. They’re also linkable with popular indoor training platforms such as Zwift, TrainerRoad and Tacx Training via a compatible smartphone app.

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